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About Department

The School of Architecture offering a Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch), the first professional degree with its modern curriculum developed by the faculty from Middle East Technical University Turkey and that of the architecture department NUST, will enable the students at the undergraduate level to compete with their counterparts from the countries of the European Union and North America. The HEC curriculum was consulted while developing the curriculum of the architecture school, and certain weak areas were addressed, and a well-rounded curriculum was developed keeping in view the current teaching and course contents followed by international architecture schools.

Applicants who possess strong cognitive and conceptual skills with an aptitude towards architecture are encouraged to apply. They will be required to work long hours under faculty guidance. The student should also realize that it is a ten semester course with one seventy nine credit hours. Architecture is a rewarding profession for applicants who are not shy of putting in long hours to accomplish the required standards demanded by the school. The design studio is at the core of the curriculum with passing grades being higher than those of other courses, and proficiency in the studio will be the main objective of the school.

Successful efforts have been made to hire the faculty which is well rounded in various aspects of architecture pedagogy and a balance has been struck between practice and theory. Practitioners from outside will also be available to guide the design studio projects in association with the faculty; this will give a link to the students with actual practices.

The design studio will be seen as the main vehicle in developing the cognitive, conceptual and the technical skills of the students. The jury system will be in vogue for grading with external examiners in judging the work of the design studios. These will be open Juries which will provide access to the work at all semesters. This system gives the student strength in explaining his concepts and designs to committees and clients. The school has established linkages with Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey for faculty, student transfer besides training of faculty in various software, history of architecture, and architecture criticism. The first collaborative effort was accomplished by developing the curriculum of the architecture school, providing book lists, and a list of equipment for the model shop. The Library has at present subscription to journals from the US, UK, France and Italy. It is in the process of acquiring those books in the HEC Higher Education Commission book list and used by other international schools.

In the first year it hopes to acquire 2000 books and in the next year 3000 move. It has access to EBooks and is linked to the main library of NUST, and will avail all the facilities available to the main library and databases. Architecture is recognized by the school as an examining process for the production of spaces, and places that relate to our emotional and conscious existence in which a diverse range of human activities take place. The curriculum deals with it at various levels of complexity, and endeavors will be made by the school to achieve this aim, over the available ten semesters.

The student at the time of his/ her graduation, and after the necessary internship will be well received at any master level program, and will be suitable, for the local or international job market.