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Vision & Mission


SADA`s vision is to contribute to the global community  of architects by producing architects who are academically  & technically sound, conceptual and creative, innovative in their thinking , and well versed with professional ethics and practices.

Mission Statement

 SADA endeavors to keep abreast of the latest improvements in architectural pedagogy, as well as the developments in the field of architecture itself. 

The 5 year degree program concentrates on helping students develop an understanding of the principals of architecture through a study of , the technology that supports  architecture, a knowledge of building materials and construction techniques,  the environment and  environmental systems, history and conservation of architecture, to name a few.

 Students are encouraged to develop their ideas and to be creative  and resourceful in their approach to problem solving . A major aspect of training at SADA is the close and constant dialogue between the students and the studio faculty via individual desk critiques.

 A connection  is also established between the students and the industry by inviting experienced professionals   from the industry to come as external jurors to review  the students presentations. Summer internships provide further interaction between the students and the industry. 

 A wide  choice of  extra-curricular activities  are provided to the students to develop their interests and promote greater self-confidence. Summer workshops are held to explore areas of interest related to architecture. Similarly, guest lecture series are arranged to broaden the student’s horizons in various fields of learning, some related to architecture, some of a wider interest.

 At SADA, we promote the idea that learning is a life long experience, and we try to inculcate that concept  within our students. 

Teaching Methodology

The B.Arch academic program comprises of more than 50 % of the course taught in the Architectural Design Studio .Studio culture is therefore an important aspect of our Teaching Methodology. SADA is among the very few Pakistani Architecture Schools with a Studio Culture instituted within the first year foundation course .Our Studios aim at creating an expressive and participatory environment though slide shows, guest lectures, film screenings and workshops.

A diverse mixture of assignments attune the students to work with a variety of materials and skills, whereas the Studio projects help students discover their own unique style and develop a personal expression. Students are taught in an atmosphere of academic and practical instruction, freedom for self- discovery, and creative learning.

Our Studio programs are supported by carefully designed theory subjects which provide cross curricular linkages to the Design Studios.

The five year program provides an incremental learning experience. Beginning from the Basics of Design in the first year, progressing onto the Basics of Architectural Designing in the second year, and further developing Architectural Design in the third and fourth years. Architectural projects of steadily increasing scale and complexity are designed during the second to the fourth year. The fifth year is reserved for the Dissertation or Thesis.

Our highly trained and qualified Faculty constantly provides instruction and guidance to the students throughout their academic career at SADA. In order to keep our students in tune with the industry, experienced professionals from the industry are invited as external jurors to assess our students Studio projects. The feed- back from these professionals creates a link between academia and the profession at large.

Visits to under-construction building sites are also a part of our teaching methodology.

 We aim to make the architectural training at SADA as practical, well informed, and realistic as possible