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Course Description

First Professional Degree in Architecture; we are in the process of accreditation with PCATP and are awaiting zero visit from the professional body.

Important Courses

The course content has well over 50% of its credits spent in the Architecture Design Studio as the prime learning location. It covers courses such as History, Landscape, Technical Drawings, Structures and Planning which will provide sound support to the Architecture Design Studios.

Unique Features

This programme will focus on developing cognitive and conceptual approach of the students towards problem-solving to give them a sound base in techniques, aesthetics and the science of architecture. The programme recognises that studio teaching and learning is of paramount importance in creation of a learning environment for Architects. Around this, all the other courses will be focused and will provide support for it. Architecture deals with interdisciplinary issues from other sources which are recognised here. The well-equipped library will also encourage the spirit of inquiry in the students. The model-making workshop will enable them experience three dimensional forms and their manipulation. One of the endeavours of the department is to provide a place for a practical design studio in which the faculty could practice, and the students could intern, thus bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Associated Careers

After successful completion of 181 credits of B Arch programme and time spent in internship, the students will be able to secure jobs in the private or public sectors. The School will help the students in placements after completion of the B Arch programme.