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Article Title​
Authors​ ​Volume
1​ ​Energy Demand Electricity in Pakistan.-download​ ​Ashfaque Hasan , Umer Khalid and Lubna Shahnaz 

NJSSH Vol.1​
​(July-Dec 2015)
​2 ​Exploring New Pathways to Gender Equality in Education.-download​ ​Ayesha Qaisrani and Ather Maqsood Ahmed. ​NJSSH Vol.1
​(July-Dec 2015​)
3​ ​Factors Shaping Exports of Cultural Goods from Pakistan-download​ ​Saba Salim and Zafar Mahmood  ​NJSSH Vol.1
​(July-Dec 2015)
​4 ​Psychological Distress Experienced by
women with primary infertility in Pakistan-download​
​Sehar Un Nisa, Erum Khurshid and Saeeda Batool  ​NJSSH Vol.1
​(July-Dec 2015​)
  Vol.2 No.1 (January-June 2016)

Sr#   Article Title​ Authors​ ​Volume
1​ ​Can Econometrics Rescue.-download​ ​​Muhammad Zahid Siddique.
NJSSH Vol.2 No.1
(January-June 2016)
​2 ​Economic Efficiency and Distortions to Incentives in Production of Cotton and Rice Crops in Punjab-download​
Abdul Salam and Sadia Tufail. NJSSH Vol.2 No.1
(January-June 2016)
3​ Explaining Trends and Factors Affecting Export Diversification in ASEAN and SAARC Regions-download​ ​Shabana Noureen and 
Zafar Mahmood .​
NJSSH Vol.2 No.1
(January-June 2016)
​4 ​Teaching English Grammar through Animated Movies-download​ ​Hammad Mushtaq and Taskeen Zehra.  NJSSH Vol.2 No.1
(January-June 2016)

Vol.2 No.2 (July-December 2016)

Sr#   Article Title​ Authors​ ​Volume
1​ ​​Long-Run Pricing Performance of Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) in Pakistan-download. ​​Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz and Ather Maqsood Ahmed

NJSSH Vol.2 No.2(July-December 2016)
​2 In Search of Exchange Rate Undershooting in Pakistan-download.​ Wajiha Haq and Iftikhar Hussain Adil NJSSH Vol.2 No.2(July-December 2016)
3​ The Impact of Investment in Human Captical on the Exports of Goods and Services- download. ​Samina Siddique, Zafar Mahmood and Shabana Noureen.​ NJSSH Vol.2 No.2(July-December 2016)
​4 ​Code-Switchng as a Pedagogical Tool in English as a Foreign Language (Efl) Classrooms- download.​ ​Hammad Mushtaq and Rida Rabbani.  NJSSH Vol.2 No.2(July-December 2016)

 Vol.3 No.1 

Sr # 
Article Title​
Authors​ ​Volume
1​ Nominal and Effective Rates of Protection by Industry
 in Pakistan: A Tariff Based Analysis download​
​(Nadeem ul Haque and Rizwana Siddiqui)

NJSSH Vol 3.1
​2 Socio-economic Determinants of Maternal
 Healthcare Behaviour: Evidence from Pakistan download​
(Sadaf Munir Ahmed and Asma Hyder)
​NJSSH Vol 3.1
3​​ Differentials in Female Age at Marriage in Pakistan:
 Have they Changed or Not?  download ​                           
​(Aneel Shahzad) NJSSH Vol 3.1
​4 ​Technology Transfer, Development, Deployment
and Productivity Performance in Pakistan. download​
(Irfan Ali and Zafar Mahmood)​
NJSSH Vol 3.1

Vol.3 No.2
r # 
Article Title​
Authors​ ​Volume
1​ Valuing the Recreational Uses of Pakistan’s
 Wetlands: An Application of the
Travel Cost Method
​(Iftikhar Hussain Adil and Ali Dehlavi)

NJSSH Vol 3.2
​2 Decomposition Analysis of Energy Consumption in
 Pakistan for the Period 1990-2013. download​
(Faisal Jamil and Arbab Shahzad)
​NJSSH Vol 3.2
3​​ ​The Productivity Paradox:
Does Happiness Matter?  download​.                           
​(Farooq Rasheed and Eatzaz Ahmad)
NJSSH Vol 3.2
​4 ​Rehabilitation of 2010 Flood Affectees
 in Pakistan: The Role of Development Partners.
(Sheeba Farooq)​
NJSSH Vol 3.2
5​ ​Trade Costs of Pakistan with its Major
Trading Partners:Measurement and its Determinats download​
​aba Altaf, Zafar Mahmood and Shabana Noureen

​NJSSH Vol 3.2

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​SR # Journal​ Volume​
​1 ​NUST Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities​ - download​ ​NJSSH Vol.1(July-Dec,2015)
​2 ​​Nust Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities vol.2 download​ ​NJSSH Vol. 2 No.1(Jan-Jun 2016)
3 ​Nust Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities vol.2_no_2 download​. ​NJSSH Vol. 2 No.2(July-Dec 2016)
4​ ​Nust Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities vol 3.1 download. ​NJSSH Vol 3.1
​5 ​Nust Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities vol 3.2 download​ ​NJSSH Vol. 3 No.2(July-Dec 2017)

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