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Mission and Vision
The mission of S3H Library is to provide resources, services and facilities that support the research, teaching, and learning needs of the faculty, students and researchers. To achieve this mission, the library is committed to:
Understand the information needs of faculty, students and researchers;
Develop collections and create tools to support research, teaching, and learning;
Provide access to print and electronic information resources; 
Promote maximum use of library resources;
Make library user self-learner and critical thinker.
Create conducive and congenial environment for study, teaching, and research;
Collaborate with other libraries and institutions to facilitate the faculty, students and researchers;
Advance library and information services at national, and international level;
Develop and retain exceptional staff committed to our service culture and philosophy.

Library Vision:
S3H Library promotes a culture of learning, research and knowledge sharing. It supports the mission of the school and university to develop, preserve and disseminate information and creative knowledge. It delivers quality physical and digital content and services critical to research, education, and outreach, now and in the future.