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Hammad Mushtaq
Assistant Professor
Mass Communication

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
School of Social Science and Humanities (S3H) H-12 Sector, Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-90853605

English Literature and Linguistics

PhD English (in progress), National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. MS (English), International Islamic University, Islamabad.

​I have supervised more than 40 theses of MA/BS English students during the years 2005-13. I have published more than a dozen research articles and books/dissertations. I am also on AIOU’s panel of external supervisors. My research interests include literary theory, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, visual studies, psychoanalytic studies, postcolonial studies, gender identity, and comparative literature.

Research Articles


1. The Triumph of Id over Ego and Superego: A Psychoanalytic Study of To His Coy Mistress [published in May 2010 issue of Journal of Language and Literature, Baku, Azerbaijan].
2. Othering, Stereotyping and Hybridity in First Chapters of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1899) and Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians (1980) [Published in August 2010 issue of Journal of Language and Literature, Baku, Azerbaijan].
3. Impact of Traumatic Lexes of Newsweek Articles Written on Terrorism on Female Undergraduate Students [Published in European Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 19, No.3: Feb. 2011].
4. The Infinite Curiosity: Exploring Romantic Tendencies in Raja Gidh [published in Language in India, Vol. 12, 2 Feb, 2012]
5. Gender Difference in Code-Switching and Code-Mixing in Text Messages of Undergraduate Students [published in Language in India, Vol. 12, 1 January 2012,
Aavailable online at:
6. An Analysis of Code-Mixing in Television Commercials [published in Language in India, Vol. 12, 11 November 2012.


7. Using Socio-culturally Relevant Stories in EFL Classrooms [published in NUML Research Magazine in 2008].

8. Violence and Silence: Sufferings of a Female Subaltern in Qudsia’s Anter Howat Udasi [Published in Journal of Gender and Social Issues, Jan, 2012, Fatima Jinnah Women University]

​Books/Dissertations Published

1. Female Self-Objectification and Identity in Fiction. (Aug. 2011). Available at

2. Code Switching and Mixing Trends in Text Messaging: Exploring Gender Differences (co-author). (Nov. 2012). Available at

3. Psychodynamics of Love and Desire: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Marvel’s Coy Mistress. (Aug. 2010). Available at

4. Khaab Kitaab. (2012). A collection of Urdu poetry published by Romail Publishers.

​Being an ardent lover of teaching, I do not take teaching as a job but as a passion. I believe in continuous professional development through enhancement of teaching and research skills and application of innovative teaching techniques in the classroom. My objective is to enhance students' knowledge, skills, and learning capacity by employing innovative teaching techniques and creating joy in pedagogical processes. I focus on inculcating positive values in my students so that they can become more responsible, useful and productive members of the society.

I have more than 15 years’ experience of teaching English language and literature with a variety of educational institutions. I started my career at Petroman Training Institute as lecturer in English in 1997. Later, I taught in various capacities at different institutions of repute including National University of Modern Languages, Pakistan Air Force (Education Branch), Pakistan Education Academy (Dubai), and Foundation University Islamabad.

I joined NUST Business School in Sept. 2013. During all these years of teaching I have taught a wide array of subjects:

Creative Writing, English Language Skills, IELTS, TOEFL, Business Communication, Research Methodology, English for Academic Purposes, Advanced English Grammar, Literary Criticism, Classical Drama, Modern Drama, English Fiction, Romantic and Modern Poetry, Classical Poetry, Modern Essays, Prose, and World Literature in English (comparative literature). I have also developed, improved and revised curricula of BS, MA and MS English.