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Dr. Faisal Jamil
Associate Professor

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
School of Social Science and Humanities (S3H) H-12 Sector, Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-90853556

Public Finance, Resources and Environmental Economics

Ph.D (Economics), Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

Dr. Faisal Jamil has professional experience of more than 12 years and he has been serving NUST for the last five years. His areas of expertise are Resource Economics and Energy Economics. Currently he is serving as Assistant Professor at S3H.  Dr. Faisal is an economist with experience in the academia and industry. He has done many funded research projects in collaboration with Higher Education Commission and USAID. His teaching focuses on Public Sector Economics and Resources and Environmental Economics both at UG and PG levels. His research and writing has been published in peer-reviewed journal articles such as Energy Policy, Resources Policy and Pakistan Development Review. He is an HEC approved supervisor.  

Grants and Fellowships/Research Project

1.     Research project under the Thematic Research Grant Programme 2015-16, HEC. The Project titled: “Valuing health loss in Karachi city from water contamination and household defensive behaviour” Amount: PKR. 4.0 million, June 2016 – May 2017 (In Progress).

2.     Pakistan Strategy Support Program (PSSP) funded by USAID. Title: Rural Livelihood Diversification And Poverty: Revisiting The Links And Policy. Amount - US$15,000, July 2014-Dec 2015 (Completed).

3.     Participated in PILDAT’s Study on, assessing performance of the Federal Government agencies during Jul 2013-Jun 2014 titled: Bills Collection By Natural Gas And Electric Utilities in Pakistan. Grant Value: PKR-100K, 2015 (Completed).

4.     Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan. Title: Electricity consumption and theft: evidence from residential consumers in the twin cities (Rawalpindi/ Islamabad), Amount PKR-500K, 2013 (Completed).

Working Papers

1.     An economic investigation of Corruption and electricity theft. With Eatzaz Ahmad, PIDE WP 2013:92, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad. 

2.     Energy Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Pakistan: A Decomposition Analysis Using LMDI. With Arslan Khan, S3H Working Paper Series No. 08: 2015.

3.     Decomposition Analysis of Energy Consumption Growth in Pakistan during 1990-2013. With Arbab Muhammad Shahzad, S3H Working Paper Series No 09: 2015.​

Economic Rationality and Early Age Work-Education Choice: Rethinking the Links with Zahid Sidique and Ayesha Nazuk, S3H Working Paper Series No 10: 2015.​

1.     Jamil, Faisal, Ahmad, E. (2010) “The relationship between electricity consumption, electricity prices and GDP in Pakistan”, Energy Policy, 38(10), 6016-6025.         (Won Best Research Paper award from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan under the HEC Outstanding Research Awards Program 2010-2011).

2.     Jamil, Faisal, Ahmad, E. (2011). “Income and price elasticities of electricity demand: aggregate and sector-wise analyses”,  Energy Policy,39(9), 5519-5527.

3.     Akbar, M., Jamil, Faisal, (2012). Do the Public monetary, fiscal and energy policy affect agricultural growth: GMM estimation and simulation analysis” Economic Modeling 29, 1909-1920.

4.     Jamil, Faisal, (2012). “Impact of Different Public E&P Policies on Natural Gas Reserves in Pakistan” Resources Policy 37(3), 368-374.

5.     Jamil, Faisal, (2013).“On the electricity shortage, price and electricity theft nexus” Energy Policy 54, 267-272.

6.     Jamil, Faisal, Ahmad, E. (2014). “Evidence of electricity theft from electric utilities in Pakistan” Pakistan Development Review, 53(3), 239-254.

UG Courses:

1.     Environmental Economics

2.     Economics for Public Policy

3.     Resources Economics

4.     Public Finance

5.     Intermediate Microeconomics


MS Courses:

Topics in Public Sector Economics

PhD Course:

Environmental Economics & Government Response to Market Failure

Formerly, Dr Faisal served as an Energy Specialist and Research Fellow at Planning Commission of Pakistan during Apr 2007-Oct 2012 and have been involved in project appraisal and evaluation, preparation of development projects and business plans, and provide inputs for policy design and planning.​