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Head of Department Message

The Economics department believes in diversity and it reflects the same in its choice of faculty and courses. To encourage diversity we choose excellent faculty members who have attained their qualifications from different universities and countries.

Similarly we believe in​ offering assortment of courses ranging from applied courses such as “Issues in Pakistan’s Economy”, to some theoretical courses such as Econometrics and Mathematical Economics.  However we believe that whatever is taught is researchable and therefore we encourage a culture of mutual debate among the mentors and students.

Currently our main strength is our BS and MS program and we plan to offer PhD in Economics in near future. Our MS program is very flexible in terms of giving three distinct routes to do MS. These routes vary in accordance with the number of years of education and background knowledge of economics. 

We believe that real education is imparted if and only if there is an optimum blend of debate, respect, knowledge-sharing and mediation in the classroom.  We endeavor to produce economist who are succinct and can give policy recommendations while being scholarly laconic. 

Prof. Dr. Ather M. Ahmed