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1.    Focusing Level I & II:

Two-part workshop on Focusing on April 8, 9, 18, and 19, 2013. Trainer: Dr. Patricia A. Omidian, Medical Anthropologist, USA.

 2.    Safar-e-Khud-Shanasi: A Journey into Ourselves.

Seminar on strategies to develop self-awareness and the ability to be self-reflective on April 11th. Speaker: Patricia A. Omidian, Medical Anthropologist, USA.

3.    Lecture on CBT with Complex Mental Health Conditions.

August 30, 2013. Speaker Dr. Derek Farrel, University of Worcester, UK.

4.    Lecture on A Solution Focused Therapy on August 30, 2013.

Speaker: Dr. Saleem Tareen, Consultant Psychiatrists, Northern Ireland.

5.    Seminar on “Being Ethical in an Unethical Society” on Sept 20, 2013.

Speaker: Prof. Abbas Hussain, educator and Islamic scholar.

6.    Seminar on “Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Pakistan" on Dec 27th , 2013.

Speaker:Dr.Ayesha Minhas, Dept of Psychiatry, Benazir Bhutto Hospital.

7.     Seminar on "Analaysis of Etiological Factors in Conversion Disorder: AQualitative Study" on 21st Feb, 2014

Speaker: Dr Iram Bokharey from Services Hospital, Lahore

8.    Two day work on Ethics in Psychological Research and Practice onn 7th and 8th March 2014. 

Speaker: Dr Riffat Moazam, Dr Farhat Moazam and Dr Aamir Jafarey from the Center of Biomedical Ethics and Culture(CBEC) , SIUT, Karachi.

9.    Workshop on "Conductiing Need Assessment in the Community" on 13th March, 2014.
Speaker : Ms Shaista Habib and Mr Naeem-u-Rehman from Rozan.

10.   Workshop on "Project Managment Cycle and Monitoring and Evaluation inn Community Projects" on 9th April 2014.

Speaker: Mr Iftikhar Nizami, Regional Director at Oxfam International.  

11.   Workshop on "Project Formulation in Community Projects" on 18th April, 2014

Speaker:  Ms Zehra Kamal, an Independent Consultant Psychologist.

12.    Seminar on "Youth Mental Health"  on 15th April, 2014.

Speaker: Ms Samina Whale, Senior Clinical Psychologist from child and youth Mental Health Center, Australia.

13.     Series of Webinars "Case Formulation-Youth Mental Health" on 17th Sep , 2014 and 22nd Oct, 2014.

Speaker:Ms Samina Whale, Senior Clinical Psychologist from child and youth Mental Health Center, Australia.

14.     Seminar on "Media and Mental Health" on 29th Oct 2014 by Department of Behavioral Sciences 

Speaker: Dr Rakhshinda Parveen, SACHET, Mr Arieb Azhar , Folk musician, Dr Riffat Hussain, HOD Public Policy  and Ms Shabana Arif, Program Director Rozan​

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