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Head of Department Message

It’s a moment of pride and satisfaction to welcome you through this webpage. It is my hope that through our programs, we are able to provide quality training which will enables our graduates to effectively engage in providing services, both in mental health sectors and community settings. At DBS we believe in active learning though participatory approach whether we are dealing with academics or planning services for the individual and community needs. We pursue a holistic approach to understand human issues and attempt to explore their solutions. DBS fosters a culture of collaborative learning through innovative models of teaching and training. We understand that growth entails changes within and outside ourselves and, therefore, offer opportunities to our students and colleagues to reflect and engage in critical thinking.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that our graduates will have the skills and the capacity to play a role in the national and global markets through service, research, policy-making and advocacy.

At DBS we aspire to develop the department into an icon of quality training of international standards, and our endeavors are making promising headways.

If challenges excite you and you long for opening new windows through interdisciplinary endeavors, DBS provides you a platform to do just that. 

I warmly welcome our new students who are embarking on this new journey towards transformation and excellence.