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Research Groups

Research Group:    Development & Climate Change (DCC)

Development and Climate Change (research group) is set-up to address contemporary challenges in the development sector, importantly from climate change prospective. As, development and environment interact in powerful ways, a series of research projects are underway by individual researchers at the department to investigate national and transnational development challenges to development e.g., disasters, forced migration and diasporas; socio-economic and politico-cultural dynamics, elite capture (process & resources), mitigating strategies and poverty aspects. Furthermore, investigating intensively the main causes of environmental degradation, and climate change threats to humans, economy and environment itself, similarly the adoptive techniques to the environmental problems (resilience and conservation).

DCC Research Group has an interdisciplinary team. Members of the group are:

Dr. Zafar Mahmood (PhD Columbia, USA)

Dr. Umer Khayyam (PhD Muenster, Germany)

Current Research Projects:


1. What are the impacts of agriculture & industrialization on marine pollution in Pakistan? (Sector-wise comparison under international environmental agenda).


2. Effective utilization of wind energy in Pakistan: demand and ways of cost-effective production.