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Course Description
The degree of Development Studies provides students an in-depth knowledge and training in the field of development studies. This degree comprises of innovative tools and techniques to understand the rural development scenario and critically analyze the severity of the local problem. The basic reconceptualization of important theme in social-sciences is to frame practical and workable methodologies to solve the real-time problems of the developing countries. The whole program is also equipped with research-led environment, while engaging students and faculty in joint endeavors to tackle timely the emerging issues in the field, likewise on incorporating the developmental practioners from diverse background to skillfully implement the research findings. The degree program facilitates the students to get hands-on practical experience through internships with relevant ministries, NGOs and research think-tanks. It, therefore, helps the students to decide their carrier paths, they wish to adopt on completion of their studies. 
Core Courses
Core courses includes: Theory and Concepts in Development Studies, Social Research: Methodology, Ethics, and Design, South Asia: State and Security Challenges to Development, Social Policy for Development, Trade vs. Aid: The Political Economy of Globalization, followed by research thesis for the partial fulfillment of the degree. 
Elective Courses
In total twenty five elective courses are offered under the main streams of Climate Change and Development, Peace, Conflict and Development, Social Work and Community Development, and General Electives Category.   
Major focus also remains on engaging students and faculty in joint research projects. Every student completing his/her coursework has to write a thesis in the final semester, which is equivalent to 6 credit hours. Excellent thesis are transformed in to working papers and later published in well-reputed national/international journals.
Associated Careers
Pakistan along with other developing countries is in need of well-qualified professionals, who are equipped with theoretical understanding, application of concepts, quantitative analytical tools and professionalism. The MS-Development Studies at S3H aims at producing professional researchers, development practioners and policy makers for the government sector, private/international organizations and for business. Postgraduate students in Development Studies are prepared to particularly devise policies for the deregulation of services sector for up-lifting of the socio-economic and politico-cultural sectors of the societies.