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School of Social Sciences & Humanities (S3H)
Course Curriculum

Course Structure and Stages

Stage I 17 weeks Postgraduate Diploma 10 CHS
Stage II 17 weeks Advanced Diploma 10 CHs
Stage III 1year MS 12 CHs

Core Courses

CCE-801 Career Counselling Skills
CCE-803 Career Development Theories
CCE-804 Career-related Curriculum Development
CCE-811 Introduction to Social Research
CCE-802 Advanced Practice Skills
CCE-805 Career-related Learning
CCE 806 Testing and Assessment in Career Counselling
CCE-807 Workplace Counselling
CCE-821 Labour Market and Education for School Leavers
CCE-822 Labour Market and Education for Graduates
CCE-831 Developing Community Networks
CCE-841 Peer Support and Supervision
CCE-899 Thesis

Further information:

Duration: 2-4 years