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UN Course on Protection of Civilians
The last two decades have witnessed armed conflicts marked by systematic violence and mass atrocities against the civilians. The world at large has increasingly looked to the United Nations, and in particular to UN peacekeeping operations, to prevent crimes against vulnerable population in the conflict prone regions. In response, the UN Security Council, starting with UN Assistance Mission in Sierra Leone - in 1999, has emphasized on the Protection of Civilians (PoC) demanding exceedingly robust preemptive actions and counter responses against violators of Peace. This issue has attained greater significance as PoC is being considered to be a yardstick by the international community and humanitarian actors for judging the performance of UN Peacekeeping Operations.  
CIPS has already attained UN certification for UN Military Observers and UN Staff Officers’ Courses. Realizing ever increasing significance of PoC, CIPS is planning to organize a UN Course on “PoC in the context of UN Peacekeeping Operations”. UN DPKO has consented to grant UN certification for this course. 
PoC is not solely the responsibility of military / police members of UN Peacekeeping operations. It requires an integrated and collaborated efforts of all stakeholders which includes UN, governments, INGOs/IOs and most importantly the Civil Society Organizations.  CIPS, therefore, is looking for participation of civil volunteers in addition to members from military and police and foreign participants from various regions. The detail of course on PoC is as follows:-

Duration: 19 -31 December 2016, PKT Dept, CIPS/ NUST  

Timings:         9 am to 4:30 pm from Mon-Fri

Participation: Course is open to professionals from Military / LEAs,                                                       Academia,Students and members of UN Agencies/ INGOs                                               /IOs. 
Course Fee: Free

Incentive: 1. Certification from UN, which may facilitate acquiring  job in  
                                         UN outfits and INGOs/NGOs.
                                2. Gaining knowledge / information about the latest                                                             developments on UN Security Council Resolutions and                                                     response mechanism on PoC.
                                3. Interaction with foreigners, armed forces and police                                                         personnel 

Contact                 Desirous persons are requested to contact RVF Imran                                                     Rashid, Peacekeeping Dept, CIPS (03235505321&                                                          05190856797) / RVF Umar Hayat (0315-2239839 &                                                         05190856791). 
                                        CIPS web “” can also be used