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4th Convocation of BMAS Program

NIPCONS is pleased to announce the 4th Convocation​ 

Registration Details and Instructions

  1. Fourth BMAS Convocation for officers of 130 &131 PMA Long Courses will be held on 30th August 2017 at Jinnah Auditorium, NUST Campus, H-12, Islamabad. YOs nominated by HRD Dte, GHQ, are required to report to NUST Main Campus, Sector H-12, Islamabad on 28th Aug 2017 by 1500 hrs.
  2. For final confirmation, names can be checked from OAS.

Programme shall be as follows:

Tuesday, 29th August  2017 0800AM onwards Jinnah Auditorium, H-12 Campus, Islamabad

Wednesday, 30th August  2017 0800AM Jinnah Auditorium, H-12 Campus, Islamabad

Essential Aspects:

  • All participantsare requested to carry theirNational Identity Card and Military ID Card.
  • Mov Order from respective Units.
  • Lodging and boarding for guests will have to be arranged by the participants themselves.
  • Sufficient cash for the following:-
  • Security deposit for convocation gown and caps (Rs.3200). Rs. 3000/- will be refunded on conclusion of convocation.
  • Degree Processing and Transcript Fee Rs.3500/- (if not already deposited).
  • Convocation Photographs
  • Name of guests, duly security cleared, for issuing of invitation card. No admission w/o card permitted.
​Dress: Lounge Suit.

Contact Persons

DD Coord MAS    Mr. Abid Hussain Bhatti          0345-5065873
DD Tech                Engr. Hidayat Ullah Khan       0331-5310044
Database Admin  Mr. Qaswar Abbas                  0343-5012719
Suptd MAS             Mr. Riaz                                      051-9271596