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Course Description

The EMBA programme is designed for middle to senior level working professionals who are ready to take the next step in their careers. The EMBA programme is more than an opportunity to gain or improve a particular skill. It helps evolve your experience into an expertise that propels you to the next level in your career and within your organisation.

The candidates must possess 14 years of prior education and minimum work experience of 04 years. Teaching methodology is based on class lectures, case studies, assignments and individual or group projects. The rigorous curriculum at NBS is designed specifically for experienced executives. It delves into the complex business issues facing seasoned managers. The Executive MBA programme facilitates team-based learning by having students take all of their classes with a cohort of peers from diverse backgrounds, functions and industries. They are assigned projects from which they will benefit from the collective work experience of their classmates and are able to immediately apply their classroom learning at their workplaces.

Class Timings

The classes are held on weekday evenings to facilitate working professionals.


Our faculty members are not only well-versed in modern management techniques and strategic thinking, but they also excel in transferring their skills and experiences. The faculty undertakes consulting assignments with reputed corporate organisations thereby forging industry linkages and enriching their experience for the benefit of the University and its students. We have more than 40 full-time teaching staff supplemented by visiting faculty and guest lecturers meticulously chosen specialists drawn right from the heart of the industry to share their experiences of the latest industry challenges and dynamics.


Theories and concepts help solve real world problems only when they are illustrated by practical corporate world insights. The EMBA curriculum is designed around this idea and provides you with the rigour and relevance you need to become a peak performer in your organisation.

The curriculum is based upon the following three strategic components of executive education:

Leadership is your ultimate objective and our priority. We believe that organisational success is determined by your ability to positively influence others and this belief is at the forefront of all our executive education programmes.

Teamwork is working together even when apart. Learn how to harness individual ambition, expertise and energy to create, lead and be a part of dynamic teams.

Creative Thinking is a necessity in today’s atmosphere of changing economic patterns, competitive marketplace, uncertainty, and conflicting opinions. Acquire the expertise to think creatively while balancing acceptable risks and organisational priorities.

Specialisations from three major areas; Business Management; Human Resource, Marketing and Finance are offered along with minimal core courses.

 Core Courses (42 credit hours)

Contemporary Management Principles & Practices, Change Management & Organisational Reconfiguration, Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making, Customer Relationship Management, Business Accounting, Strategic Management, Business Economics, Corporate Governance, Human Resource Management, Marketing Theories & Practices, Financial Management, Corporate Law & Business Environment, Management Accounting and Management Information System.

Electives (18 credit hours)

A wide selection of elective courses dealing with contemporary issues from the three specialisation areas is offered in the EMBA programme.

Industry Research Report (6 credit hours)

As a requirement of the degree, participants are expected to undertake research based upon contemporary issues associated with an industry of their own choice within their selected specialisation. Faculty having relevant experience in the subject will be assigned to supervise and guide their research.​