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Television Commercials have potential to break stereotypes: Dr. Masrur
Prof. Dr. Masrur A. Khan expressed that the sheer pervasiveness of advertising may enhance its potential to influence television viewers and can make or break stereotypes. Therefore it is evident that advertising has potential power to bring about behavioral change and breakdown social misperceptions of the public. Dr. Khan was sharing his views about ‘Media Bias in Electronic Media Commercials’ with the participants of Fourth Annual International Crime, Media and Popular Culture Studies Conference sponsored by the Indiana State University, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Terre Haute, USA. In this conference about fifty eight eminent scholars from Europe, Asia, Africa and America presented their research work. Professor Dr. Dan Bradley, President Indiana State University inaugurated the Fourth International Conference and extended his gratitude to the guest speakers from the country and outside America.

During a three-day deliberation 25 panel sessions were arranged and on the opening day, the following scholars chair their respective panel: Jennifer Murray (Indiana State University), Ryan Williams (The University of Illinois), Deborah Landry (University of Ottawa), Kevin Steinmetz ( Sam Houston State University), Staci Strobl (John Jay College), Laura Hansson (University of Kent), Masrur Alam Khan (National University of Sciences and Technology), Kenneth Tunnell (Eastern Kentucky University ), and Chaudra Whitehead ( Florida International University, ) whereas the following participants presented their papers: Kylas Doll (Canada) MohammadJjafar (Iran) Williams (Illinois), Carmen Cusack (Nova) B.K. Ravi (India) Annie Lee( Dominion University) Bistra Nikiforova (New England) Martin Kinf (UK) Kris Schindler (Colorado), Laura Hanson (UK), Mathew Willms (Seattle),Subhash Paudel (Nepal) Semiu Bello (Nigeria), Govindara ju (India), Samson Olasunkannmi (Malaysia), Jonathan Fedlen (Kentucky) Chaundra Whitehead (Florida), Robert Scott (Urbana) , John Mac Willie (Leads), Brian Schaefer (Houston), Tom Clark (Sheffiel), Oyesiku Adegboyega (Nigeria), Aubri F. McDonald (Chicago), Adele Kubein (Oregon), Edward Green (Kansas), Carl Root (South Florida), and a number of presenters from the host university as well.