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Ms. Maria Khan
Assistant Professor
Management & HR

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Business School, H-12 Sector Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-90853220

International HRM and ​General ​Management

MSc. International Human Resource Management & Comparative Industrial Relations - The University of Manchester, UK.    Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons.) - NUST Business School, Pakistan


Maria Khan has obtained her specialist master’s degree in International Human Resource Management and Comparative Industrial Relations from the University of Manchester, UK.

Her background includes working for a multinational company where she held numerous strategic positions including Senior HR Manager (London, Islamabad) and Business Development Executive (London, Islamabad).

Apart from her teaching and research responsibilities, she holds the position of Director Local Quality Enhancement Cell at NBS. This position involves documenting and reviewing various coordination and management mechanisms of all academic processes at NBS. The position also involves preparation and coordination of internal and external academic audits of NBS. 

She is also involved in conducting corporate training sessions for industry practitioners in multiple fields of HR including Negotiation, Talent Management and Team Building. Her key interest nowadays lies in industry consulting where she has been involved in designing multiple HR solutions for companies in Pakistan.

Ms. Khan's research interests include the fields of International Human Resource Management, High Performance Work Systems, Employee Motivation, Talent Management and Change Management. Ms. Khan has conducted various workshops and mentoring sessions for students regarding preparation of resumes/CVs, interview techniques as well as communication skills.

Ms. Khan specializes in multiple aspects of International Human Resource Management including Employee Management, High Performance Work Systems. Recruiting, Selection, Training and Development.

She supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations and business projects as part of her responsibilities at NBS. She is also involved in developing case studies in the aforementioned topics. The recent topics under her supervision include (but are not limited to):

  • Top Management Commitment And Its Impact On Employee Job Satisfaction, Performance & Commitment: The Mediating Role Of Talent Management Practice
  • Stress caused by workplace bullying in the Pakistani context: The moderating role of coping
  • The Impact of High Performance Work Systems on Organizational Performance
  • High Performance Culture: Determinants of its Success
  • How Personality Traits Influence Knowledge Sharing Behavior
  • Infusion of Emotional Intelligence in Recruitment & Selection
  • The Impact of Organizational Commitment on Turnover Intentions of Recent Graduates in Pakistan
  • Effect of Training on Employee Turnover Intentions and The Role of Organizational Commitment
  • Ms. Khan is currently working on multiple cases and research articles on the topics of Talent Management, Recruitment & Selection, Effective Training in Organizations as well as multiple other HR & Organizational Behavior topics which are scheduled for publication.

  • Khan, M., Alvi, K. R. and Saqib, Z. (2018). ‘SYIT: Changing the Corporate Culture’, Ivey Publishing (9B18C004)​
  • Saqib, Z., Khan, M., Michael, M., Haleem, R. and Khalid, H. (2017). ‘Striving for Self-Sustainability: Case of A Pakistani NGO’, Asian Journal of Management Cases,        14(1), 38–48.
  • Khan, M., Saqib, Z., Farrukh​, N., ​Tanvir​, F. and ​Pasha​, K. (2016). ‘​​Managing a Diverse Workforce, Easier Said Than Done: Case Study of Pak                                           Sweets’, Ivey  Publishing (9B16C017) ​
  • Saqib, Z., Khan, M., Raza, N., Zainab, A. and Sohail, Z. (2016). ‘Selecting the Selection Methods at a Pakistani NGO’, Asian Journal of Management Cases,                  13(1), 23–31. 
  • Ms. Maria Khan has taught different sub-fields of HRM including modules such as Introduction to Management, Organizational Theory and Design, Organizational Behavior and Introduction to Business. She has taught undergraduate as well as postgraduate students including those of MBA, BBA, BPA as well as BS Accounting and Finance.

    Apart from classroom teaching, she uses Experiential and Cooperative learning teaching techniques through business games, simulations, outdoor activities and team based projects to provide students with a holistic learning experience.


    Ms. Khan has recently been involved in industry consulting with Serene Air Pvt. Ltd (in partnership with Ms. Zunaira Saqib - Assistant Professor NBS) through designing the company's HR department and relevant documentation for employee management.

    Currently, she has been conducting various corporate training sessions in the areas of Talent Management and Human Resource Development for industry practitioners from multiple sectors (in association with Professional Development Center NUST). She has also conducted a training session (alongside another NBS faculty member) for Canteen Stores Department (CSD) Pakistan on the topic of Negotiation Skills. She is currently involved in training over 400 middle managers of Jazz in the area of Stress Management. Her areas of specialty in corporate training include multiple HR modules including (but not limited to) Negotiation, Recruitment & Selection, Career Management and Team Building.

    Ms. Khan's previous full time corporate experience includes holding numerous full-time positions at Tranchulas Pvt Ltd (2010-2012), a multinational information security company. The first position was that of a Business Development Executive (London and Islamabad) which involved managing corporate clients and their portfolios. In a short period of time, she was assigned to the role of a Senior Human Resource Manager (London and Islamabad) which involved recruiting and developing talent for the business especially in its international offices.