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Clubs & Socities

Student council at NUST Business School is a student run body, facilitated by student Affairs office of NBS. The council comprises of an elected president and five different societies with their own student representatives who work together for one council session on realizing the mission of student council.

Culture and Dramatics Society

The whole world is a stage and we are all actors according to Shakespeare. However for some of us, acting is more of a sacred source of communication and expression and for them we have a culture and dramatics society. This society works on organizing activities and events in line with university culture and rules. The society showcases expression through the medium of drama and promotes the love of art and performance in the student body. Each year, this society puts together some amazing events that exhibit teamwork, resource management, esthetics and artistic sense of our students.

Quiz and Debating society

Communication skills when powered by good and healthy mind, is an elixir of success and our student council helps the student attain success by being masters of this trade too. Quiz and debating society is responsible for organizing healthy and well moderated debates and declamations along with quiz competitions to help keep the sense of competition alive in our students. The society also handles student participation in national and international quiz and debating events.

Sports and hiking Society

Sports and hiking Society:All studies and no sports can make Jack a dull boy but not at NUST Business School. Sports and hiking society makes sure that all our Jacks and Jill’s have a lot of healthy activities to keep them in spirit and shape. Sports Gala at NBS is one of the most eagerly awaited event of the year. We are lucky to have multiple grounds and courts at H 12 campus where sports are easy to manage year round.

Community services Society 

Community services society works on instilling in our students a sense of communal responsibility especially towards those who are less privileged in our society. The group works on organizing awareness campaigns about social issues and actively participating in social development of our community. Recently, in times of national disasters, the society did a commendable job by not only raising funds to help the flood effected people and IDPs but also participating actively in volunteer work in these disaster stuck areas.

Literary and Magazine society

Year book is an integral part of university life and so is a monthly magazine on all campus happenings. This society makes sure that our student body does not miss this vital component. Through various easy writing competitions, book reading and storytelling sessions the society keeps the joys of reading and writing alive on campus.

NBS Transport society

NBS Transport Society serves as a liaison between the students and owners of NUST’s hired transport system. The society apart from dealing with everyday issues of students is also responsible for arranging vans and busses for special events or festivals arranged by various other societies of NBS and have worked in collaboration with many other NUST societies to ensure successful events.