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Amenities & Facilities

NUST Student Hostels



  1. NUST Campus Islamabad provides Hostel facilities essentially to the outstation students on first come first serve basis. The Hostels being most comfortable resort with first class facilities attract students to make up their bright future. 
  2. NUST Hostels Islamabad offer a life time opportunity to the NUST students to carve and shape their life in the best possible manner. The management is at their service round the clock.
  3. Hostel Accommodation in the relevant category is strictly alloted according to the application seniority list. The separately located Male & Female Hostels have been named after great Muslim Scholars as under:
  • Male Hostels 
        1. Rumi Hostels Block-I, II & III       PG  Students(Some Senior UG Students may be entertained in Rumi-III Hostel on availability of accommodation)
        2. Ghazali Hostels Block-I & II         UG Students
        3. Razi Hostels Block-I & II              UG Students
        4. Attar Hostels Block-I & II              UG Students  
  •  Female Hostels 
        1. Fatima Hostels Block-I & II        PG Students
        2. Zainab Hostel                            UG Students
        3. Ayesha Hostel                           UG Students
  •  Iqra Apartments      Married Student

    Note: National UG Students joining 1st / 3rd Semester will be allocated triseater accommodation in the hostel.

     For More Details about NUST Hostels please Click here

    Medical Center

    NUST is providing medical services to the entire H-12 campus through a purpose built NUST Medical Centre, while in colleges and institutes other than Islamabad the same are being provided through their respective medical outfits. NUST Medical Centre is having qualified medical officers and trained paramedical staff, who provide medical services round the clock. The Centre is supported with fully equipped ambulances to evacuate the sick and wounded to Armed Forces and other civil sector tertiary care facilities. With the upcoming hospital of NUST Medical Complex within H-12 campus, the services of a tertiary care hospital will be very much available at the doorstep.

    Security and Safety

    In addition to highly effective Campus security arrangements, all hostels have protective boundary walls, security personnel and dedicated staff at each block.

    Transport and Parking

    The shuttle service facilitates the students to move around the campus. On weekends/holidays, the shuttle service is extended to various terminals.