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Position of Research Assistant

NUST Business School (NBS) invites applications from postgraduate research students for the position of Research Assistant (RA) for the following HEC Approved Projects:

A suitable candidate is required to be enrolled/have MS (management, business administration, entrepreneurship).

Project Title: " Exploring the Determinants of Mobile Financial Service Adoption in Pakistan: The Moderating Role of Government Regulations and Demographics ". A suitable candidate is required to be enrolled/have MS/MBA (management, business administration, entrepreneurship, marketing).

Duration: One and a half month

The Position

The RA will support teams of researchers and technical assistance providers in executing high quality work for these funded projects. RAs work as part of larger project teams and must balance the fast pace of working on multip​le assignments simultaneously. The position offers qualified applicants the opportunity to learn about policy topics within the division’s practice areas and develop professional skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods, analytic reasoning, verbal and written communication, project management, and related areas.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

Research Assistants may perform the following tasks under the supervision of Principal Investigators (PIs) and/or Co-Principal Investigator (CO-PIs) of the sponsored projects:

  • Code, collect, clean, and manage quantitative data and perform statistical analysis, modeling, simulation, or simple forecasting using standard statistical packages, such as Excel, SAS and Stata etc.,
  • Support qualitative data collection by, for example, scheduling telephone interviews and site visits, helping to develop data collection protocols, taking interview notes, and helping to summarize interview data
  • Conduct literature reviews using internet-based search techniques and research databases
  • Apply project management techniques by implementing project timelines and coordinating the appropriate staff to meet scheduled milestones for a task (e.g., report development)
  • Provide administrative support to project teams, including assisting with the coordination of presentations, meetings, and conferences
  • Participate in meetings with clients/participants and other external partners by telephone or in person and take meeting notes and prepare summaries
  • Contribute to the development of project deliverables by drafting sections and preparing tables and charts
  • Apply knowledge of computer-based word processing, presentation, spreadsheet and database applications to project work
  • Keep abreast of trends and developments in the proposed field(s) of specialization, by for example, attending formal training to enhance quantitative/qualitative analysis skills, professional association meetings, and in-house professional development activities and events
  • Participate in business development by contributing to the proposal development process. For example, by compiling staffing and corporate qualifications materials

  • Preferred Skills / Prerequisites:

  • This is an entry-level position requiring quantitative research, writing, and analytical thinking skills
  • Strong academic record required
  • Sound judgement and discretion
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work well in fast paced environments, balance the demands of the project related activities simultaneously, and collaborate on teams

  • Minimum Qualifications

  • MS/MPhil (0 – 1 years of experience) OR the equivalent combination of education and experience

    How to Apply:

    Please email your CV with sample of your writing (preferably any research article/report) to Muhammad Jamal (PA to Head of Research – NBS) at: ; latest by 27 January 2020.

    For any further query please contact:

    Dr. Muhammad Naseer Akhtar

    Head of Research

    NUST Business School