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Poster Presented by Dr. Amjad Ali on “Apoptosis Pathway and its Behaviors (induced and normal) in Cancer”
Dr Amjad Ali of ASAB has had the privilege of recently attending one of Europe’s prestigious conferences jointly organized by the European Association for Cancer Research and Organisation of European Cancer Institute from 1st-4th March 2015 in Luxemburg. The theme of this conference was “Precision Medicine for Cancer” and it brought together researchers, clinicians and health care professionals from various different countries including USA, UK, EU, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, Pakistan and India. This conference provided an opportunity for the participants to share their research and create a critical mass of expertise with a view of building and maintaining a consensus on the best models and solutions to improve the quality of life for cancer patients both in the EU and around the world.

The poster presented by Dr. Amjad Ali described the ongoing collaborative project between ASAB (Dr. Amjad Ali & Dr. Shahzina Kanwal) and RCMS (Dr. Jamil Ahmad & Dr. Tariq Saeed) entitled “Apoptosis pathway and its behaviors (induced and normal) in cancer” with a focus on breast cancer. Dr. Amjad Ali secured a participation grant worth €1000 for full time attendance.