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Plant Biotechnology Laboratory
The main purpose of Plant Biotechnology lab is to explore and understand the biotechnical network of genes, proteins and environmental signals that lead to advance research perspectives in relevant plant species. The group applies its expertise in plant biotechnology with the application of molecular genetics approaches to study commercially important crop plants. Furthermore, we are focusing on the study of abiotic stress signaling pathways in commercially valuable crops. The main purpose of the application of genomics is to gain a better understanding of the whole genome of plants. Agronomically important genes may be identified and targeted to produce more nutritious and safe food while at the same time preserving the environment.

Group Leader
 Dr. Faiza Munir (;

Group Members
Ms Joveria Saleem
Ms Noor Ul Sabah

Lab Facilities
Plant Biotechnology lab is equipped with the molecular biology, tissue culture and gene expression facilities.

Projects & Grants
Startup Research Grant: Isolation and characterization of the gene(s) involved in salt-stress signaling in potato. Funding Agency HEC