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Dr. Abdur Rahman
Assistant Professor
Industrial Biotechnology

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H-12 Islamabad
Tel : +92 51 9085 6157

Food processing and Biotechnology, Microbial population genetics, Lactic acid bacteria, Probiotics, Food safety

BSc Honors Agriculture, specialization in Food Science and Technology, University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi.  MS and PhD. Food Processing and Biotechnology, Universite de Lorraine, Nancy, France

He has earned his doctoral degree from University of Lorraine, France in Dec, 2013. His PhD work was dedicated to explore the genetic diversity of a lactic acid bacteria Carnobacterium maltaromaticum and exploring its potential to adapt in mammalian gastro intestinal tract (Probiotic Potential). His areas of expertise include molecular genotyping of bacteria using Multi Locus Sequence Typing (MLST) and Variable Number Tandem Repeats (VNTR) for strain typing and studying its population genetics. He has skills in (in-vivo and in-vitro) studies of probiotic lactic acid bacteria. He has participated in a project for sequencing the genome of a lactic acid bacterium C. maltaromaticum LMA 28. He has also worked on Genetics of Lactose metabolism and food pathogen control with reference to food safety and public health. 
​Multi Locus Sequence Typing (MLST) and Variable Number Tandem Repeats (VNTR) for bacterial genotyping and population genetics of Lactic acid bacteria, in vitro and in vivo studies of Probiotics, Food safety and pathogen control.

Cailliez-Grimal, Catherine, Stéphane Chaillou, Jamila Anba-Mondoloni, Valentin Loux, Muhammad Inam Afzal, Abdur Rahman, Gilles Kergourlay et al. "Complete chromosome sequence of Carnobacterium maltaromaticum LMA 28." Genome announcements 1, no. 1 (2013): e00115-12.

Rahman, Abdur, Marita Gleinser, Marie-Claire Lanhers, Christian U. Riedel, Benoît Foligné, Marine Hanse, Frances T. Yen et al. "Adaptation of the lactic acid bacterium Carnobacterium maltaromaticum LMA 28 to the mammalian gastrointestinal tract: From survival in mice to interaction with human cells."International Dairy Journal 34, no. 1 (2014): 93-99.

Rahman, Abdur, Catherine Cailliez-Grimal, Cyril Bontemps, Sophie Payot, Stéphane Chaillou, Anne-Marie Revol-Junelles, and Frédéric Borges. "High genetic diversity among strains of the unindustrialized lactic acid bacterium Carnobacterium maltaromaticum in dairy products as revealed by multilocus sequence typing." Applied and environmental microbiology 80, no. 13 (2014): 3920-3929.

Jamil, Bushra, Huma Habib, Shahid Abbasi, Habib Nasir, Abdur Rahman, Asma Rehman, Habib Bokhari, and Muhammad Imran. "Cefazolin loaded chitosan nanoparticles to cure multi drug resistant Gram-negative pathogens." Carbohydrate polymers 136 (2016): 682-691.

Conferences: Oral/Poster presentations
Prévost H., J.J Leisner, M.A. Hansen, P. Dalgaard, G. Kergourlay, A. Rahman, X. Dousset, A.M. Revol-Junelles, C. Cailliez-Grimal, S.J. Sørensen, and F. Borges. Draft genome sequences of Carnobacterium maltaromaticum and Carnobacterium divergens. 4th Congress of European Microbiologist, FEMS 26-30 June 2011, Geneva, Switzeland. (Poster Presentation)

RAHMAN Abdur, FAVIER Marion, Patrick LUCAS, Sophie PAYOT, Catherine CAILLIEZGRIMAL, Anne-Marie REVOL-JUNELLES et Frédéric BORGES. Antagonistic potential of dairy Carnobacterium maltaromaticum strains. Ecosytem Microbiens et Bioprotection des Aliments, 17-18 November 2011, ONIRIS, Nantes, Fance. 
(Poster Presentation)

Abdur Rahman, Marie-Claire Lanhers, Christian U. Riedel, Benoît Foligné, Frances T. Yen, Alexandre Back, Cécile Mangavel, Benoît Remenant, Hervé Prévost, Monique Zagorec, Stéphane Chaillou, Marie Champomier-Vergès, Jamila Anba-Mondoloni, Valentin Loux, Jørgen J. Leisner, Paw Dalgaard, Catherine Cailliez-Grimal, Anne-Marie Revol-Junelles, et Frédéric Borges. Adaptation of a psychrotrophic bacteria Carnobacterium maltaromaticum to the mammalian gastro intestinal tract «Adaptation de la bactérie psychrotrophe Carnobacterium maltaromaticum LMA 28 au tractus digestif de mammifères». 19th CBL, 16-18 octobre 2013, Bordeaux, France. 
(Poster Presentation)

Abdur Rahman, Cyril Bontemps, Sophie Payot, Catherine Cailliez-Grimal, Anne-Marie Revol-Junelles et Frédéric Borges, Diversity of Carnobacterium maltaromaticum in dairy products « Diversité de Carnobacterium maltaromaticum dans les produits laitiers » 19th CBL, 16-18 octobre 2013, Bordeaux, France.   
(Oral presentation)

Teaching experience

Introduction to food analysis 

Food Biotechnology

Food safety and Quality assurance


2009-2013 PhD scholar at Universite de Lorraine, France
The study of genetic diversity of lactic acid bacterium Carnobacterium maltaromaticum and its adaptation to mammalian gastro intestinal tract

2008-2009 Masters in Bio-processing, Agro-foods, Nutrition and Toxicology at Universite de Lorraine
‘The comparative study of membrane lipid profiles of two Listerial strains, Listeria innocua and Listeria graviae’

2006-2007 He has one year working experience at Nur Pur Foods for supervision of Production unit for Dairy products including milk, Butter and various Cheese types, in addition to Assistance in supervision of Quality control laboratory for milk and milk products.