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University - Industry Linkages (UIL)
Industrial Liaison office (ILO)

Welcome to NUST Industrial Liaison Office (ILO).

Within almost two decades, NUST has achieved important milestones and gained immense significance as an institution of higher education in Pakistan. The University produces professionals and researchers of very high caliber, capable of developing indigenous technologies to meet the growing demand of the 21st century. For a developing country like Pakistan, there is a dire need that knowledge inputs are made to facilitate industrial growth. Recognizing this an Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) was created by NUST

Industrial Liaison Office (ILO)

NUST-ILO develops and maintains industry linkages to make NUST graduates their premium choice and identifies specific industry partners for the ongoing research at NUST. It gauges industry needs and processes match making with NUST Institutions to solve industrial problems. This office has direct bearing on commercialization activities. It currently looks after two areas. These are:

Industrial Relations (IR) 

The role of IR is to build and maintain strong Academia Industry Linkage with the focus on promoting and making NUST graduates the premium choice for the employers. IR is already fostering professional networks; therefore it also supports TTO to leverage these contacts in finding the potential industrial partners for the research/ technologies being developed a NUST for commercialization purposes.

Alumni Affairs 

The role of this department is to build and maintain lifelong relations with the NUST Alumni through a common platform in order to stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for the National University of Sciences and Technology.

Our Objectives

  • Develop and maintain industry linkages and identify specific industry partners for the ongoing research at NUST.
  • Gauge industry needs and process match making with NUST Schools/ Colleges/ Institutes/ Centers​ to solve industrial problems.
  • Acquisition of job opportunities/ placement from industry and handling all activities to facilitate identification and coordination for placement of NUST graduates.
  • Facilitation of internship including acquisition of internship slots and coordinating with industry as well as NUST institutions on the subject.
  • Conduct employers sessions.
  • Take feedback of student capabilities from industry and apprise / advice NUST management accordingly.
  • Coordinate and promote NUST alumni activities.
  • Industrial Exhibitions in coordination with MCO.​ 

  • ​Potential Employers

    Due to the economic slump coupled with today’s constantly evolving environment, the process of talent acquisition has become even more critical. Leading organizations know that human resource is the single most important driver behind exceptional business performance.

    With so much competition and such limited time, the need to recruit the best resources with the least amount of time and effort has become a necessity. To address all Industry needs including but not limited to recruitment of quality human resource, NUST created the Industrial Liaison Office (ILO).

    It is the ILO's mission to provide all prospective employers with a talented pool of human resource from NUST in the least amount of time.  We are determined to facilitate all employers through all possible means and resources.  With the aim of making NUST graduates the preferred choice for all recruiters, the ILO takes feedback from Industry members on a regular basis and uses the feedback to bring about the necessary change.

    In line with this mission, the ILO has adopted several key initiatives in its work cycle. These include:

    ​Employers sessions

  • Employer Sessions are information sessions that gives you, the employer, the chance to discuss career opportunities with interested and qualified candidates in a session that is devoted to your organization.

    HR Conferences and Forum

    To bridge the ever present gap between the Industry and Academia, NUST hosts annual conferences and forums with the aim to provide a day of learning and sharing for both the Industry and members of the University.

    Networking Nights

    Networking nights bring together students with potential employers for informal productive discussions. When your company representatives participate in NUST Networking Nights, they’ll be able to network with substantial number of students without spending too much time and efforts in preparing for formal presentations.

    ​Industry Talk Series

    Industry members are invited for Industry Talk Series which take place all year round. These series are aimed at giving NUST students a sneak peak at what life might be after graduation and how to best prepare for a professional life.

    ​Student Development Workshops

    Increased competition has given rise to the need for students to work harder, smarter and to adapt quicker to changes than ever before. Employers now have higher expectations from all current and future employees. Understanding the importance of soft skills, the ILO continuously conducts Student Development Workshops that help students polish their skills and become all-rounders.

    ​Recruitment Drives

    The ILO facilitates any recruiting partner who wishes to conduct recruitment activities. These drives give employers the opportunity to conduct tests, interviews, group discussions, company presentation etc.  Recruitment drives are organized upon request keeping in mind student availability.

     ​We look forward to working with you!​ 

    Employer Perspective (Testimonials)

    We have been recruiting from NUST for 2 years now and continue to enjoy the wealth of talent we see from the University.

    Khurram Rahat, Managing Director

    Teradata, 2012