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Nurturing Industry-Academia Linkages

At NUST, we strongly hold the belief that seats of higher education cannot operate as isolated islands of knowledge; for knowledge has no value unless it is shared and focused on current needs. Therefore, bridges need to be built, to connect these knowledge-islands to the clusters of industries and the community. Keeping this in mind, NUST has formulated an integrated, interdependent Eco-system that helps us in establishing and consolidating Industry-Academia Linkages and subsequently in commercializing our research. These include:

  • Corporate Advisory Council (CAC)
  • National Science & Technology Park (NSTP)
  • Global Think Tank Network (GTTN)
  • Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Offices of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC)
  • Directorate of Research
  • Directorate of Innovation & Commercialization
  • Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
  • Technology Transfer Office (TTO)
  • Technology Incubation Centre (TIC)
  • Professional Development Centre (PDC)
  • Career Development Centre (CDC)
  • Industrial Liaison Office (ILO)

  • All of the above organs play a key role in establishing much needed linkages between the industry and academia and therefore bridge gaps between the engagement and action neutral zones; as well as those between industry needs and University research. They help in following a very logical process that ultimately ensures economic benefit. Where some of these organs help in establishing industry linkages, others help in soliciting industry needs through these linkages. Others still, work towards translating these solicited industry needs into academic offerings, both academic and research based. Ultimately, as a last step, some of the above organs then evaluate the resultant need based research for commercialization potential, commercialize it and offer Intellectual Property Management for the said. In this way, the process of creating knowledge based on current needs, and subsequently transforming the said knowledge into wealth is completed within our eco-system.

    NUST is surely one of the new generation Pakistani Universities, with a progressive and innovative outlook. The University is envisaged to grow as a modern center of excellence for research and development in the fields of science and technology and we are committed to the provision of intellectual leadership and development of indigenous technology; while remaining cognizant of our responsibilities to community development, nation-building and socio-economic progress. With our vision firmly embedded in all our practices and our fingers on the pulse of national needs, we are confident that NUST will play a vital role in developing our national economy through its focused Industry-Academia Linkages.