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Oxbridge Innovative Solutions
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Oxbridge Innovative Solutions aims at providing creative and practical solutions to problems areas in diversified fields in Pakistan. Some of our core expertise lies in primary and secondary education, educational software development, ICT4D, social development through information and communication technologies, women empowerment in rural and urban slums, renewable energy, environment, sustainable development, and capacity development of teachers. Our vision is to improve the socio-economic conditions of less privileged masses, and enable them to become active contributors towards the development of Pakistan. 

We are working towards improving the standard of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) subjects in Pakistan by providing students with the necessary hands-on experience while never leaving the confines of the national curriculum. Our vision is to incorporate STEAM intensive curriculum in primary and secondary schools of Pakistan. The STEAM intensive curriculum comprises of extensive hands-on, constructionist, immersive sessions suited to the learning capability and progress of an individual student. 

Founders: Manzil-e-Maqsood, Talha Javed
Start up category: Educational Technologies, STEAM-intensive education
Website:                 www.oxbridgeinnovatives.com 
Funding status:         Bootstrapping


Launched an initiative called Makerspace Islamabad that provides a shared space to young and adults to come together, explore, tinker and make innovative stuff using inexpensive and readily available daily life objects. 
Ran two successful STEAM Camps from June-Aug 2016 through Makerspace Islamabad.
Currently piloting our STEAM intensive curriculum, Chotay Sciencedan, an interactive learning and assessment application for Grade 5 science curriculum at Saya Charity School F-12, The Educators G-11, and Royal International School G-11 Islamabad. 
Working with the British Council Pakistan to conduct a Market Research for English language proficiency skills of teachers using English as medium of instruction in private schools of Pakistan.