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NOVSYS develops Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based smart networks and IoT applications on top of those networks. Whilst every other competitor in BLE segment is working with beacons; that are individual devices; NOVSYS has added intelligence to these individual devices. NOVSYS’s beacons talk to each other in a smart network, thereby providing overwhelmingly greater functionality and applications, with the same cost. NOVSYS provides these beacons as 3rd party enabling platform for IoT solution developers, and it also offers custom solution developments. 
Founders:        Rana Muhammad Bilal, Rana Muhammad Osama
Startup Category:        IoT applications
Funding Status:            Bootstrapped

Major advantages of developing an IoT application using NOVSYS’s beacon platform include
1. Reduced hardware requirement on users  Lower cost solutions + New applications possible with lower requirements (Applications possible requiring BLE Tags on user only, as compared to requirement of complete smart phone on each user by conventional beacon systems)
2. Enhanced single point network management (Complete infrastructure can be managed & configured from your computer, without need to go near each beacon individually)