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IoTA Pakistan Private Limited

​IoTA Pakistan Pvt Ltd is a unique startup aiming to bring digital connectivity among consumers through cost efficient products and solutions. Our prime focus is to develop and commercialize state-of-the-art IoT based services solely driven from Customers’ needs and preferences. 

Founders:        Muhammad Musa Mazhar
Startup Category:        IoT applications
Website:                Under Process
Funding Status:            Bootstrapped

IoTA Pakistan offers an exclusive and specially designed GPRS/GSM based plug-and-play device Drivitx which includes: 

•         Anti-Theft Solution to secure your car from illegal start;
•         Real time vehicle location;
•         Trace route with Replay function of your vehicle travel;
•         Android/iOS App with Web platform;
•         Vehicle health and remote maintenance diagnostic;
•         Shocks alerts, harsh acceleration or deceleration;
•         Geo Fencing Feature; &
•         User Center Features for Adding/Removing Users.