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IDE (Innovation Design Essentials​) is derived from Idee (German: ‘idea’) and the idea is to impart the critical and design knowledge among the young minds of Pakistan. We are STEM based educational startup with the aim to promote designer based approach to improve pragmatic, technical and innovative thinking of average Pakistani students. Thus we claim that we produce problem solvers rather than technicians and that is why we have a set of interactive, modular workshops based on Lego kits. With that, we would conduct session based workshops that include multi-disciplinary knowledge to impart design based thinking in the students. Our adaptive workshops is available for secondary school, high school and university students. That’s the true essence of STEM education and the current need of Pakistan educational system.
Founders:                    Dr Yasar Ayaz, Tayyab Shahid, Hamza Asif, Zaid Ahsan Shah
Startup category:        Ed-Tech, Designer based concepts
Facebook page:          https://www.facebook.com/IDEROBO/
Funding status:          Bootstrapping

1. Conducted three successful workshops at SMME, NUST and LUMS.
2. Partners with “Pakistan innovation Foundation” and National Centre for Artificial Intelligence.
3. Hamza Bhatti and Hanzala (alumni of IDE) won prestigious awards at First Lego League (FLL). Hamza is a national champ and participated in First Global competition in Lego modular category in Washington. Hanzala won prestigious research award from FLL and now representing Pakistan in several international leagues. 
4. Won UK Ilm ideas grant for 0.6 million