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Developers love SDKs. Therefore, almost every API provider provides SDKs. However, the existing methods of developing SDKs are manual thus require good amount of time and resources to generate SDKs. A bigger problem than generating SDKs is to update and maintain them after every API update.
APIMatic not only solves the above problems of manual SDKs, but also provide the following competitive advantages to API providers: 
1. Using APIMatic can provide significant reduction in workload since, generating SDKs requires no programming effort. API providers can therefore focus more on their core product development.
2. APIMatic provides value for rapidly evolving APIs that must release newer versions often. Automatic generation means that newer versions of APIs are quickly backed with newer versions of SDKs without delays.
3. Automatic code generation ensures all SDKs to be up-to-date with the latest APIs, and therefore helps avoiding customer support nightmares.​

Founders:               Syed Adeel Ali
Startup Category:   Developer tools
Website:                  www.apimatic.io
Funding Status:     Seed round from VCs and Angel Investors

1- Launched three products, (1) apimatic.io (2) sdks.io (3) apitransformer.io
2- Selected as the first startup from New Zealand to join the BlackBox Connect program sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs
3- We are currently in the early revenue stage serving some big companies and organizations like NZ Post, VistaPrint and TripAdvisor
4- Geographically located in three countries, Auckland (NZ), San Francisco (US) and Islamabad (PK)
5- Filed for several patents on our novel Code Generation as a Service (CGaaS) platform