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The goal of the Student Startup Business Center (SSBC) is to promote student entrepreneurship in Pakistan’s higher education system. SSBC will achieve this goal by providing several tracks for students interested in establishing start-ups, working in venture capital, or transforming their startups into successful businesses. The objectives of this project are to: 
  1. ​​provide deserving student startups with the necessary support including  mentoring, information and initial financial resources to start their own businesses;
  2. encourage and support students to establish their own startup initiatives;
  3. identify and attract sources of financial assistance from businesses, donors, and pro-bono services to assist students in their startups; 
  4. design and implement  programs that will link successful start-ups with relevant industries and business investors;
  5. establish a Student Entrepreneurship Fund to support future talented students start-ups.
The Student Start-up Business Center will become a continuous and stable source of funding and support for student entrepreneurship and innovation.