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Product Commercialization Training
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TIC Ideas Lab (10:30 pm -1:00 pm)
TIC Startup Founders’ Development Program; aims to facilitate the incubated startup companies in establishing and running sustainable businesses. To support you in this stage we are pleased to a host a session on ‘Product Commercialization’ with Dr. Adeel Tariq, Assistant Professor at NUST. 

Product commercialization is the stage of your business cycle where your product is finally introduced to the market. It is an extremely crucial step and so, to maximize your chances for success, you need to be thoughtful in developing the strategies behind your new products. Innovations can happen in the commercialization of a product as easily as in the product itself. Dr Adeel will be offering expert guidance and strategies to conquer this stage and cater to your different products and services. 

Program Details:

Topic : Product Commercialization
Speaker : Dr. Aqeel Trariq, Professor NUST
Date : 19th June, 2019
Venue : TIC Ideas Lab (10:30 pm -1:00 pm)
Participants : TIC Incubatees

*for TIC Incubatee companies, SSBC, ILM IDEAS and Participants from NUST Constituent School/Colleges