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Leveraging Exponential Technologies to Scale-Up
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Ideas Lab TIC, NUST
Technology Incubation center NUST is committed to empower technology startups. Our dedicated mentors conduct productive training sessions that produce lasting outcomes, including, skills transfers and building networks. 

We are pleased to announce our Expert Talk Session on Exponential Technology (ET) with Mr. Yalman Ansari Corporate Trainer Member Advisory Board Arizona State University for in- house incubated startups companies.

Program Layout: 
A two-hour session will run along the following lines (topics)

- How can we meaningfully immerse in Exponential Technologies (ET) to unleash hidden opportunities? (30 min)

- What does ET mean for early/late stage incubatees? (Followed by an exercise-based discussion with each incubate', how to come to terms with ET-based strategy) (30 min)
- How can we be leveraging ET for Scale-up trajectory? (This includes scanning unexplored opportunities) (30 min)

Value-addition: The format will include an interactive desk work to encapsulate concepts, thoughts and ideas by “simplification method”.

*Exclusively for the incubated companies and NUSTians at TIC