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Expert Talk on "Influence Marketing" by Mr. Fahad Tiwana
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 Executive Hall, CIE Building, Technology Incubation Center NUST
Technology Incubation center NUST is committed to the vision of empowering technology startups. Our dedicated mentors conduct productive training sessions that produce lasting outcomes, including, skills transfers and building networks. We are pleased to announce our Expert Talk Session on Influence Marketing by Mr. Fahad Tiwana, for inhouse incubated startups companies. 

Fahad Tiwana, CEO TechValley, runs a hardware & software consultancy firm, a non-profit organization Tiwana Foundation, and different blogging websites. The most popular one among these sites is, as he calls it, an engineering e-magazine which gained 5.5 million readers in a short period of 18 months. This, however, is not his first venture. He started his entrepreneurial journey at age 18 and has so far, created and sold two of his business ventures. US Intermedia Group bought his website – RealityPod for $110,000 when he was a Civil Engineering student at NUST.​