Team Building and Team Supervision
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Course Contents

  •  The concept of Team

  • Build a high-performing Team

  • Stages of Team development 

  • The 4 E’s of effective team leader 

  • Team leader personal responsibility and commitments

  • How to keep Employee’s Spirits up

  • How and where to apply the concepts of Synergy

  •  Communication importance 

  • How to overcome obstacle and problems

  • Techniques and implementation of team building

  • Employee Engagement importance

  • Problems of employee engagement

  • KEYS to improve employee engagement

  • Advantages of engaged employee

Training Objectives

To provide knowledge and skills to the participants 

    Understanding the concept of TEAM.
    Understanding Team dynamics.
    Style and role for building good Team.
    Types of Team.
    Techniques of building a productive Team​​​

Benefits to Organization

  • Smooth daily operation 
  • Enhancement of employees’ productivity
  • Synergized working environment 
  • Helped achieving company’s targets

Benefits to Individual

  • Understand the goals of the team and each team member’s role within it
  • Ignite an increase in efficiency and emphasis on sharing resources
  • Enhance effective communication and boosts productivity
  • Inspire better conflict resolution skills and communication
  • Assume personal responsibility to meet commitments to others