Effective Time Management with Technology
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Course Contents

Day 01 Addressing the Problems of Time Management 
  • 05 Processes of Time Awareness/Time Tracking
  • Parteo Principles & Parkinson Law, Time Management Matrix
  • Time Management Problems
  • Identifying your greatest ‘time stealers’
  • Guiding principles of time and self-management
  • Saying ‘no’ and negotiating solutions
  • Understanding the power of One Note & Microsoft Office Suite
  • Using Google Tools to Manage Work effectively  
Day 02 Using Technology to Manage Time & Tasks
  • Dissecting work with Trello with the Help of 07 Habits of Highly Effective people 
  • Visual Task management with TeamWeek
  • i50 professional tools for Task Management

Training Objectives
a. Identified their biggest ‘time stealers’ which reduce their productivity and established solutions to reduce or remove their negative impact
b. Acquired practical time management skills for scheduling, planning and prioritizing work
c. Discussed and practiced a range of recognized time management techniques such as effective delegation, assertively saying ‘no’ and negotiating alternative solutions
d. Learn to plan effectively to achieve your personal and professional goals
e. Manage resources both effectively and efficiently 
f. Use Technology to boost productivity; embracing technology   

Benefits to Organization

a. This training will effectively change the way the employee works, it has a definitive impact on task management, workplace stress,  and overall motivation
b. Boost the productivity of the employee with practical hands-on Tools 

Benefits to Individual

a. Learn new Task Management Tools which are simpler, and designed to provide information on the go
b. Improve workplace Productivity/Motivation & Stress