Professional Diploma in Hotel Management
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Diploma Modules
Day 1: 
Module 1: Managing Front Office Operations
Module 2: Hotel Reservations (Individual and Group)
Module 3: Management of Food & Beverage Operations
Module 4: Managing Food & Beverage Operations
Module 5: Hospitality Sales & Marketing
Module 6: International Hotels; Development and Management
Module 7: Accounting for hotels & restaurants
Module 8: Managing Human Resources
Module 9: Leadership
Module 10: Communication Skills
Module 11: People Skills

Diploma Objectives

Diploma Objectives
To equip the diploma holders with sufficient know-how to supervise or manage a hotel and restaurant operation responsibly and correctly as a Manager or a General Manager.
To learn to serve prospective customers (guests) in a focused or targeted way in order to increase repeat business, increase profitability, and reduce losses (if any).​

Diploma Methodology

Class-room lectures, Assignments, Projects, Quizzes, MCQs, and Guest Speakers​.

Benefits to Organization

  • Productive and Professional Personnel/ Management
  • Better standing with prospective investors
  • Trained personnel to trained the new recruits upon induction
  • Satisfied customers (guests) served by well trained personnel

Benefits to Individual

  • Better standing in the existing organization
  • Better career prospects 
  • Ability to run one’s own hotel and restaurant on sound footings.