Teach the Teacher Program
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Course Contents

Effective Teaching

i. Education/ Learning Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Learning /Educational Psychology
  • Purpose and practice of education in current era
  • Learners Psychology
  • Diversity and styles of learning
  • Learning modalities
  • Factors affecting quality of learning
  • Effective learning strategie
ii. Teacher as a role model
  • Teacher, Role Model, Teaching
  • Traditional and Modern concept of teacher
  • Eastern and Western educators saying about teachers (only one saying to put emphasis on Teacher as a Role Model)
  • Islamic Concept about Teachers
  • How teachers act as a role model?
iii. Effective Communication Skills (02 hrs)
  • Components of Communication (communication cycle SMCR)      
  • Blocks in Communication
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
  • Listening Skills
iv. Time Management Skills (30 min
  • Issues in Time Management
  • Tips on Time Management
Teaching and Learning Focused on OBE
i. Introduction to Outcome Based Education
  • Quality in Context of Education
  • What is Effective Education?
  • Output Versus Outcome Based Education (OBE) 
ii. Learning Domains (Cognitive, Psychomotor, Affective)
  • Rote Versus Conceptual Learning
  • Cognitive Skills - Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Hands On Exercises – Understanding Cognitive Skills with Examples from Own Field of Study 
  • An Introduction to Psychomotor and Affective Domains’ Skills
iii. Backward Instructional Design (Hall Mark of OBE Concept)
  • Backward Design for Forward Action: Aligning Outcomes, Assessments and Learning Activities
  • Designing Problem Based Learning Activities and Complex Projects/ Questions
  • Designing Course Outcomes
iv. Teaching Pedagogy for OBE
  • Why One-Way Lectures are not Very Effective in OBE Theory
  • Cone of Learning
  • Modern Teaching Pedagogy for OBE
v. Design of Effective Assessments for OBE
  • Summative Assessments
  • Formative Assessments
vi. Design of Multiple Choice Exams
  • Strategies Against Guessing
  • Development of MCQs Focused on Higher Level of Learning Skills (i.e., Application, Analysis, Evaluation)
i. Planning Effective Teaching
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Creating OBE based Course Outlines
  • Writing OBE based Assessments
  • Lesson Planning 
ii. New trends in Teaching
  • Educational Technologies
  •  ICT intensive teaching pedagogy to promote active learning
iii. Classroom Management
Micro Teach