BSI Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional
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Course Contents
Day 1
Warmer on Strategic Performance Management
Review of performance management techniques & their evolution over time
Why a strategic performance management system is needed for any organization that wants to grow beyond the also-rans?
How are strategic planning and performance management linked?
The role of senior leadership in strategic performance of an organization
Balanced Scorecard Overview
Building and implementing a Balanced Scorecard
Day 2
Performance management systems used in organizations 
Link between Strategy and Performance Management System
Measurement of performance
Enterprise Risk Management in Balanced Scorecard
Teams formation & Brief on workshop
Step 1: Assessment of the organization
Hands on: Step 1
Day 3
Step 2: Strategy making
Hands on: Step 2
Step 3: Objectives & Perspectives & Hands on: Step 3
Step 4: Strategic Map & Cause & Effect linkage 
Hands on: Step 4
Step 5: Performance Measures (KPIs) & their types
Hands-on: Step 5
Day 4
Step 6: Initiatives & Projects
Hands-on: Step 6
Step 7: Automation & review of available Balanced Scorecard software
Step 8: Cascading the Balanced Scorecard to divisions, departments, teams and individuals
Step 9: Evaluation of Balanced Scorecard performance & Review of strategy
Day 5
Managing with Balanced Scorecard
Cultural issues in Balanced Scorecard implementation
Expected problems and suggested solutions
Facilitating the scorecard process
Presentation by all teams and discussions of formulated strategies
Course Summary and further learning
Certification award ceremony

Training Objectives

This five days workshop based course is a professional course culminating at Balanced Scorecard Professional Certification by Balanced Scorecard USA and George Washington University. The course is aimed at developing participants to understand the fundamentals of strategic management and translating the vision of senior management into reality through actionable strategies measured through the robust balanced scorecard framework.

Training Methodology
Training methodology is predominantly interactive and hands on, with extensive focus on case studies and action learning. After introduction to the related concept and the ® 9 Steps Framework, participants will work hands on to develop a strategy through teams and translate it into actions of employees.

Benefits to Organization
Organizations that get their teams trained on strategic performance management through balanced scorecard should expect: 
Increased organizational alignment with the vision of top management
Clear and agreed upon performance goals for employees
Increased communication of performance standards and requirements
Common goals and mutual facilitation between SBUs
Employees participation in strategy development and execution
Development of a performance management system that is based in strategic performance measures (KPIs)

Benefits to Individual
Qualifying participants should be able to:
Understand & demonstrate all fundamental concepts related to Performance Management
Understand the relationship between strategy and performance
Assess a given situation for making organizational strategy
Demonstrate understanding of tools to convert strategies into actionable strategic objectives
Understand a strategy map
Assess a given process to make strategic performance measures
Work in a performance management system that is based in strategic performance measures (KPIs)