Gain Competitive Advantage in Healthcare Marketplace
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Course Contents
Day 1:  
  • Overview of Healthcare Industry & Environmental Context (Healthcare Services sector, Pharmaceutical sector, Manufacturing sector (Medical Devices & Equipment), Healthcare payers (Insurance, etc.), NGOs, Healthcare Regulators)  
  • Consumer Behavior in Healthcare
  • Marketing Fundamentals (Marketing Strategy, Frameworks, Marketing Process, Marketing Segmentation, Marketing Mix, etc.)
  • Brand identity and Communication Guidelines
  • (Example: National TB Control Programs)
  • 5 P’s of Healthcare Marketing (Patients, Physicians, Professional Healthcare Administrators, Payers, Policy Makers)

Day 2:  
  • Marketing Analytics & Marketing Information System
  • Marketing of Healthcare Services – Patient Centric Approach & Patient Experience 
  • Product Development - Value Addition in Healthcare Services
  • Healthcare Marketing in a Digital Age
  • Retail Management in Healthcare
  • Ethics in Healthcare Marketing
  • Sales Management (Sales Management Process, Territory management, etc.)

Training Objectives

  • To better att une the target audience with the unique nature of Healthcare industry and an understanding of the conventional as well as contemporary and scientific marketing concepts for potential applications
  • Understanding of the factors which drive healthcare communications with the targeted audience and stakeholders 
  • Understanding of the healthcare value proposition & how to achieve sustainable competitive advantage at market place

​Benefits to Organization

  • Ability to understand & focus upon customer/ consumer needs and requirements.
  • Ability to better catering the customer/ consumer needs by developing and implementing a value driven approach towards processes and systems.
  • Resulting into enhanced customer/ consumer engagement and loyalty.

Benefits to Individual

  • Enhanced understanding of the Healthcare market place.
  • Creating value stream for the healthcare customers/ consumers in totality, rather than just merely focusing on promotions.