RO Systems
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Course Contents
  • Fundamentals of RO
  • Planning for RO system design
  • RO system design using commercial software
  • RO system design 
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment in RO systems
  • RO plant monitoring, O&M issues
  • RO monitoring and troubleshooting
  • RO plant case studies for desalination and water reuse
  • Question and answer (consultation meetings) between the resource person and the audience

Benefits to Organization 

This training programme will benefit NUST by creating:
  • Opportunity to learn about RO technology in depth and explore this field academically.
  • Opportunity to create a platform to train water professionals and water system engineers on the state-of-the-art water treatment technology using RO system.
  • Opportunity to create a database of case studies from developing and developed countries that have successfully implemented RO technology.  

Benefits to Individual

 The training programme is expected to bring the following benefits to the individuals to attend it:

  • Gain competency in the field of RO technology to apply in the field of water and wastewater treatment.
  • Get exposed to software and technical tools to design, monitor, operate and maintain RO systems.
  • Gain professional counselling and guidance in troubleshooting RO challenges​

Training Objectives

This training covers both theoretical and practical aspects of engineering RO based membrane systems. It shall provide a brief overview of RO system fundamentals and shall focus on selection and design of all key RO system components. The following are the specific objectives of the training programme:
  • Provide hands-on experience on design of and monitoring RO systems
  • iTrain the audience on existing RO design software, and explain their potentials and limitations
  • Provide details on O&M and troubleshooting issues related to RO systems
Training Methodology
The training will comprise a series of lectures on holistic learning on RO systems, customised modules and practical sessions on designing RO systems as well as extensive professional counselling and guidance. In particular, it will take place via the following methodology: 
  • Short introductory lectures with design exercises and demonstration on O&M of RO systems
  • Exercises on application of commercial software on RO design
  • Group discussions and exercises on design, monitoring, O&M and troubleshooting, with  water desalination and wastewater reuse related case studies.