Handling Workplace Politics
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Course Contents
Day 1
  • Self-Awareness: Key to Emotional Intelligence
i. Developing personal authenticity
ii. Ethics, Ethical behavior, Moral Code/Code of Conduct
  • The Challenges of Management – Workplace Diversity
i. Diverse and inclusive workplace
ii. How to accept and value differences 
iii.Aligning with organizational behavior
  • Conflict Resolution
i. Understanding conflict – both Individual and within Team
ii. Differentiating Professional Dissent and Conflict
iii. Methods to handle conflicts
  • Communication – Key to handle conflicts
i. Leveraging active listening and responding thoughtfully 
ii. Balancing Verbal and Visual Impact
iii. Interpersonal Communication - Basics

Day 2
  • Feedback that enhances relationships
i. Giving and Receiving Feedback
ii. Clarity and Enthusiasm
  • Negotiation Strategies for Conflict Resolution
i. Types of negotiation
ii. Alternative solutions – WATNA / BATNA
iii. Conflict Resolution Diagram (CRD)
  • Handling Diverse and Difficult people
ii. Re-visit to workplace diversity
ii. Coping plan to handle difficult people
  • Team Dynamics and Excellence
i. Understand the parameters for influencing others
ii. Building strong teamwork
iii. Self inspire and personal Initiative

Training Objectives
  • Better understanding of fellow team members without being biased
  • Improved communication between team, and other team members
  • Enhanced employee engagement and morale of staff members
  • Better understanding on how well you perform and how well you can get others to perform for you
  • A sustainable culture promoting a respectful, inclusive, knowledge-based environment 
Training Methodology

  • Highly Interactive Training Workshop involving participants through facilitated exercises, training interventions, and Role Plays involving participants.
  • Feedback to facilitate learning and counselling for any specific queries by participants.