Growing Significance of IP
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Course Contents
  • Intellectual Property-HEC Perspective
  • Intellectual Property Rights 
  • IP Valuation 
  • Effects of Intellectual Property on Performing Art 
  • Tech Transfer
  • Industry Networking ​
Training Objectives
  • Be familiar with current IP issues and Challenges in the fields of patents, trademarks, copyright and global IP.
  • Be familiar with different transfer of technological mechanisms and will be able to use marketing tools as well as acquired negotiation skill in IP licensing.
  • Be able to implement new techniques to collect and distribute royalties to stakeholders.

Benefits to Organization

  • Enhancement of awareness of Intellectual Property.
  • Enhance prospects of organizational innovation profile.
  • Enhance understanding of licensing and technology commercialization.
  • Enhance organizational productivity.

Benefits to Individual

  • Better understanding of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Encouragement to apply filing of IP
  • Understand  the value of  timely and efficient protection and management of Intellectual Property which leads the economic benefit
  • Appreciation of licensing prospects of IP and commercialization