Team Building
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Course Contents
Day 1:  
  • The concept of Team
  • Build a high-performing Team
  • Stages of Team development 
  • The 4 E’s of effective team leader 
  • Team leader personal responsibility and commitments
  • How to keep Employee’s Spirits up
  • How and where to apply the concepts of Synergy
  • Communication importance 
Day 2: 
  • How to overcome obstacle and problems
  • Techniques and implementation of team building
  • Employee Engagement importance
  • Problems of employee engagement
  • KEYS to improve employee engagement
  • Advantages of engaged employee
Training Objectives
  • To provide knowledge and skills to the participants 
  • Understanding the concept of TEAM.
  • Understanding Team dynamics.
  • Style and role for building good Team.
  • Types of Team.
  • Techniques of building a productive Team

Benefits to Organization

  • Smooth daily operation 
  • Enhancement of employees’ productivity
  • Synergized working environment 
  • Helped achieving company’s targets

Benefits to Individual

  • Understand the goals of the team and each team member’s role within it
  • Ignite an increase in efficiency and emphasis on sharing resources
  • Enhance effective communication and boosts productivity
  • Inspire better conflict resolution skills and communication
  • Assume personal responsibility to meet commitments to others

​Training Methodology

  • Training session includes Interactive discussion, role plays, group activities, videos, etc. 
  • Relevant training handouts will be provided to participants for follow-up & future reference