International Humanitarian Law 2017
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1st Foundation Course on the International Humanitarian Law 2017
10 Days
Free of cost
The general aim of the course is to provide military officers, including planners and military lawyers, as well as civilian lawyers and opinion makers with the opportunity to learn how to apply the principles and rules of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL)/Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC). The teaching methodology used for this course comprises a combination of central presentations, case studies and 3D demonstrations. The class work itself consists largely of a series of exercises conducted under the guidance of class leaders using classic current military planning and staff processes, leading the course through a series of IHL and other relevant legal issues arising during military operations at all levels of intensity. At the end of the course, participants attain a sound knowledge of the principles and rules of LOAC and are able to apply these in a practical manner in a range of operational scenarios.​
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Who Should Attend
The course is primarily meant for persons belonging to the following categories:
  • Officers in the armed forces
  • Military lawyers and legal advisors
  • Officers who work in the civil armed forces/para military forces or in related fields and have a direct professional interest and/or obligations related to the application of the law of armed conflict
  • Officers in law enforcement organizations such as police and mid ranking government policy officials etc.
  • Media persons reporting on armed conflicts
  • Civilian lawyers with an understanding of Public International Law and students of MA/LLM degrees with an interest in IHL
  • Persons working in international organizations, non-governmental organizations etc. who have a direct professional interest and/or obligations related to the application of the law of armed conflict such as persons from ICRC, national Red Cross/Crescent organizations, UN and other humanitarian organizations.​
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Workshop Dates 

02-13 October, 2017​

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ICRC and CIPS staff specialized in IHL
Guest lecturers from institutions collaborating with ICRC
Pakistani IHL experts​