International Humanitarian Law 2018
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Course Contents
Day 1- War and Armed Conflict
Day 2- Jus in Bello
Day 3- Jus in Bello
Day 4- International Criminal Law
Day 5- Future challenges and IHL
Training Methodology

Topics are covered using a plenary based approach, amplified by contemporary case studies. Time is allocated throughout the course for question and answer sessions allowing for participant interaction and access to recognized experts in their fields.

The program will include exercises for participants designed to expose issues in a realistic but systematic manner and promote the participant’s ability to find practical, actionable solutions through the application of the relevant IHL provisions.

Throughout the course participants are encouraged to fully engage. The teaching methodology and achievement of course objectives are based on the sharing of differing approaches of use of force to aid in a better understanding of challenges and potential multi-faceted legal operational interoperability issues.