International Humanitarian Law 2017
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Course Contents

Day 1

  • International Law, its evolution and practice
  • Exercise - applicable law

Day 2

  • Introduction to the law of armed conflict
  • Assimilation exercises

Day 3

  • Classification of persons in an armed conflict
  • Exercise-Classification of persons

Day 4

  • Means and methods of warfare
  • Exercise- means and methods of warfare

Day 5

  • Rules of engagement
  • Exercise – rules of engagement

Day 6

  • Belligerent occupation
  • Exercise- belligerent occupation

Day 7

  • Naval warfare and peace support operations
  • Exercise- naval warfare

Day 8

  • IHL in practice
  • Exercise “Operation Blue Hope”

Day 9

  • Penal repression of IHL
  • Exercise – penal repression of war crimes

Day 10

  • The special role of the ICRC
  • Closing ceremony

Training Objectives
The purpose of the Foundation course on International Humanitarian Law is to help government officials to understand and implement the principles of IHL and to ensure respect for the Law of Armed Conflict. The general aim of the course is to enable and encourage participants to act within their sphere of responsibility in accordance with the principles and rules of the LOAC. At the end of the course, the participants should:
  • Have a basic knowledge of the principles and the rules of law of armed conflict.
  • Be able to reach practical military solutions in harmony with the general principles and rules of the law of armed conflict.
  • Have accepted the law of armed conflict as a guideline for the conduct of operations and behavior in action.
  • Understand the necessity of the law of armed conflict training and its integration into military education programs.​

Benefits to Organization

  • Formation of a mutually agreed platform for IHL dialogue
  • Sharing of all new trends in LOAC including Cyber Warfare and Remote Warfare
  • Education on Middle Level Military Diplomacy
  • Practical Training on making valid Pakistan-Relevant points using the IHL norms and principles​

Benefits to Individual

  • ​Broaden the knowledge of Public International Law on issues of interest for Pakistani National Security
  • Interact with decision makers from different backgrounds
  • Understanding the ICRC specialization on IHL and philosophy.​