Digital Financial Services
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Course Content
Day 1:  
Subprime mortgage crises and Fintech boom.
Fourth Industrial Revolution impact on Finance.
Mobile wallets & Digital Payments 
Crowd Funding.
VC investment in Fintechs.
Fintech SME liaison.
Open Banking Channels
Portal integration.
Bankers are from Mars and Fintechs are from Venus.
Millennial changing Banking daynamics.
Day 2:  
Digital Payments Ecosystems
Regulating Digital/Mobile Financial Services
Voice Banking and AI in Banking.
Financial Inclusion
Branchless Banking
Brick and Mortar System Vs Mobile Banking.
Customer Services in Digital World.
Cross border remittances.
Cashless campuses.
E-commerce and M- Commerce
Digital Wealth Management.
Hindrance in Fintech growth and their solution.
Fintech Startup Echo System.
Fintech Business Planning.

Training Objectives

This training program has been developed for professionals who wish to gain a holistic understanding of Digital Financial Services, Fintech potential,  particularly those working to accelerate a Financial Inclusion agenda. Bankers who wish to  innovate the old practices , finance professionals who want to offer SMART financial solutions. Entrepreneurs eying to be Fintechs in near future and have strategy of working with banks as their partners . At present M- Payments are replacing banking instruments and we see a future where digital cash replaces banknotes and coins. Adoption of M-banking is marking the beginning of the obsolescence of “traditional” cash and other banking payment instruments, M payments with digital cash in future  will provide  consumers and retailers real-time payment certainty, irrevocability and transparency that make it a superior choice to banknotes/ banking instruments  and coins.

Benefits to the Organization

Integration to Digital Payments Ecosystem
Banking with emerging digital banks
Digital Transformation.
Innovation in  payments through B2B, B2C, G2P strategies.
Open Banking integration opportunities.
SME- Fintech collaborations.
White Labeling Contracts.
Organization's exponential  growth tactics.

Benefits to Individual

Digital Money Skills
Digital Financial Services Skills
Payment Systems Integration to Digital Banking Channels.
Smart saving habits and investment options in future. 
Fast career growth.
Innovative mind set. 
Knowledge on emerging financial and banking trends.