Future Leader Program
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Course Content
Day 1 Crash course of human physiology and its effect on leadership)
  • The science of human beings
  • The chemical engineering of human relationships
  • The human mind and the power of thought building
  • Stages of thought building
  • Critical thinking platforms
  • Toolkit for Influencing the thought
  • Leading the thought through your natural flair
  • Belief and value management of the herd
(Crash course of Psychology and its use in leadership design)
  • The lifecycle of human capacity
  • The lifecycle of human impression 
  • Tool kit of creating and maintaining your impression
  • Case studies of great leadership life cycles
  • Understanding the science of creating beliefs 
  • Maintaining the belief 
  • Morality and the ethical code 
  • The Bathsheeba syndrome and its local indicators
Day 2 (Detailed course on personal leadership and its stage in the next 5 years)
  • Purpose and goals of nature installed inside the human body
  • Creating pathways for purposeful followership
  • The science of human followership 
  • The working of the human brain
  • The millennial effect
  • The generation Z and its paradigm of physiology
  • How to analyze the current paradigm of behavior
(Designing your own life and expectations of leadership)
  • How to control the next 50 years of your life
  • How to set your own hygiene
  • How to establish your leadership style
  • Professionalism and its demands in the next 10 years
  • Career management and leadership demands in the near future
  • Leadership demands for the next 50 years
  • Followership and the design of followership
  • The science of maintaining belief in your followers for good
  • The momentum and energy of your herd
  • The paradigm and how to check the paradigm of your followers
  • Setting your toolkit