Managing Sales Team of Banks
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Course Details
Day 1
Components of Leadership Role
Provides a brief introduction and overview of the Critical components of the Leadership Model:
  • Model of leadership and its Importance.
  • Visions, Planning. One of One Coaching and Its implementation, 
  • Performance monitoring
  • Motivation
  • Embedding of Sales behaviors and its follow up
Module 1: Introduction & Consultative Sales Process (CSP)
Pledges Leaders to the Basic Consultative Sales Process for drastic change in the sales behaviors of Leaders and ensures a systematic and successful sales culture transformation. The Process Includes:
  • Product Knowledge and Competitive Analysis.
  • Opening and building the bridge with Existing and New Clients
  • Identification of Financial Needs of E&N Clients. Financial Needs Analysis for FI’s
  • Objections Handling and Importance of practicing scripts
  • Presenting benefits to Needs
  • Closing Techniques 
  • Cross Selling
  • Follow up & role plays
Module 2:  Morning Sales Clinics (MSC’s)
Train participants to conduct a highly professional morning meetings with an agenda of sales performances and reviews on daily basis. The meetings are conducted by the BM’s and ensures the presence of all branch staff
  • Share previous day sales success
  • Recognition & Appreciation  
  • Daily/ Weekly product focus activity
  • Practice and Role Plays
Day 2:
Module 3: Daily, Weekly and Monthly action planning
Teaches Sales Leaders following key concepts: 
  • Structured & Systematic way to manage time 
  • Daily Action Planning (DAP)
  • Brief & Debriefs
  • Weekly & Monthly action planning
  • Practice & Role Plays
Module 4: Sales Meetings
Teaches Leaders the arts and importance of the most powerful process of Sales Meeting, its application and significance on monthly, quarterly and yearly sales objectives:
  • SM Process, Agendas of SM  with immediate implementation
  • Weekly Pre/Post Sales goals and Highlights with Appreciation 
  • High 3 Activity and Prioritization 
  • Commitments and Follow-up.
Module 5: Coaching & Results, Efforts and Competency Review
Introduces Leaders the proven Sales Coaching techniques: 
1. One on one counselling
2. Joint visits and leading by Example
3. Month Appraisal and review of results, efforts and competency

Training Objectives

To convert the banking sales leaders into a world class sales management professionals leading to sales excellence and peak performance.​

Benefits to Organization & Individual

  • Cultural change in Sales and Service processes.
  • A consistent consultative sales and service model and language across the organization. 
  • Improved service with a positive attitude. 
  • Shift from a pushy client approach towards a consultative sales and service approach.
  • High moral standards, taking ownership and initiatives.
  • Proactive staff. 
  • Team effort to create synergies and destroy siloism.
  • Higher client retention.
  • Creating a “WOW” experience 
  • Mastering SMP – Sales Management Process
  • Improved Turn-Around-Time (TAT).
  • Sales & Revenues Growth.
  • Increased Cross-Sell ratios with existing and new customers.
  • Client and staff retention.