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Course Details
1. Module 1 Objectives
2. Value of Project Management & History
3. Project Management Concepts & Standards
4. Getting around MS Project 2016: The Workspace
Starting Project
The Ribbon
The Backstage View
The Quick Access Toolbar
Basic Formatting
5. Starting a new Project Plan: Creating & Organizing Tasks
Creating a Task
Entering Durations
Scheduling Tasks
Milestone Tasks
Linking Tasks (Dependencies)
Adding Notes to Tasks
6. Managing Project Resources
The Resource Sheet
Assigning Resources to Tasks
7. Managing a Project
Viewing a Project
Reviewing and Making Adjustments to a Project
1. Module 2 Objectives
2. Finalizing Project Plan
Setting a Baseline
Viewing the Baseline
Share Project Plan
3. Formatting and Sharing Plan
Tracking Progress
4. Organizing Plan Details
Tracking Process
Viewing and Reporting
Format and Print Views
Format Reports
Customize project 
5. Share Information with other MS Applications/ Programs
6. Consolidate Projects and Resources 
7. Setting up Recurring Tasks
Setting up Custom Fields
Outline Codes and WBS codes
8. Managing Costs
Fixed Task Costs
Cost Accrual
Budget Costs
Cost Rates and Rate
Variable Material Costs
9. Customize Project Aspects
10. Sorting, Filtering, Grouping
11. Customizing Reports
12. Visual Reports
Using Excel
Using Visio
13. Import and Export Project Data
14. Performance Management: Earned Value Analysis
15. Using Macros to Speed up use
16. Project Templates & Security
17. Issues in Projects
Task Inspector
Task Path
Team Planner
18. Conclusion

Training Objectives

Define Project Management Processes 
Use MS Project IDE & Its Features 
Create a Project with Tasks & Resources 
Calculate Project Schedule 
Understanding and Managing Resource/ Cost Data
Optimize & Baseline Project Plan 
Compare Current vs. Target Schedule
Tracking Costs
Viewing Project Information Visually
Going Through Enhanced Project Management Features & Capabilities 

Training Methodology

This course provides hands-on CBT for MS Project 2016 solution, leading participants through the entire project lifecycle, from planning to execution. All workshops and instructions stress the three basic elements of project management: schedule, resource and costs. ​

Benefit to Organization
Value addition in Project Management implementation
Plan and execute the Right Projects—Easily and Affordably
Make the best use of limited resources
Increase team productivity and the speed of project delivery
Bring the right products to market within market windows
Improve governance and accountability, and meet regulatory requirements
Manage short-duration, high-intensity projects such as shutdowns
Improving the view for Better Decision-making

Benefit to Individual

Effectively plan, manage, and control complex projects
Balance resource capacity
Allocate best resources and track progress
Delivering Projects on time and Within Budget
Monitor and visualize project performance versus plan using Smart Tools
Conduct what-if analysis and analyze alternative project plans
Managing change throughout the Project lifecycle

Diploma Requirements/ Grading

Each “Milestone Lesson” will include a lesson review quiz along with an assignment. At the end of each module an exam will be held based on learning outcomes.
Participants will successfully complete this course with 70% or higher overall grade.