Employee Engagement
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Employee Engagement
2 Days
9:00am - 5:00pm
Rs. 21,500/-
In today’s changing environment, there has been a shift in the way employees are valued and treated; and recognition of the impact employees have on business success is becoming increasingly significant. It is an attempt to create a culture and environment that reflect their values, mission and goals. More positive organisations actively focus on engaging their employees as a key driver of success. 
Employee engagement is the emotional commitment employees feel towards their organisation and the actions they take to ensure the organisation’s success. Engaged employees demonstrate care, dedication, enthusiasm, accountability, and results focus. 
This course will enable the participants to become experts on engagements helping leaders, managers, and teams to explore new avenues for engagement and performance at their workplace.
Discount Policy
§  Early birds: The Early Bird Disc​ount is available for first three participants who register themselves in next 03 days of newspaper advertisement.
§  Multiple-Course Discount: A 10% discount is applied to each course registration when one individual registers for two or more PDC courses at the same time.
§  Multiple-Attendee Discount: A 10% to 15% discount is available for each add-on attendee when multiple attendees from the same company or organization register for the same PDC course offering at the same time.
 * Please note discount formats cannot be combined. Only one discount format may be used per course.
Who Should Attend

PDC Executive Development Centre
Workshop Dates 
16-17 Nov,  2017
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