Performance Management
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Performance Management
2 Days
9:00am - 5:00pm
Rs. 21,500/-
Many managers and organizations now recognize that a critical source of competitive advantage often comes not from having the most ingenious product design, the best marketing strategy, or the most state-of-the-art production technology, but rather from having an effective system for obtaining, mobilizing, and managing the organization’s human assets. A number of recent developments, including demographic changes in the work force, increased global competition, experiments with new organizational arrangements, and public policy attention to work force issues have made performance management increasingly important for organizations.
Managing performance is one of the most critical areas of management.  It goes well beyond performance feedback and implies total and unequivocal commitment on the part of the management towards the design and delivery of performance management systems.  
Discount Policy
§  Early birds: The Early Bird Disc​ount is available for first three participants who register themselves in next 03 days of newspaper advertisement.
§  Multiple-Course Discount: A 10% discount is applied to each course registration when one individual registers for two or more PDC courses at the same time.
§  Multiple-Attendee Discount: A 10% to 15% discount is available for each add-on attendee when multiple attendees from the same company or organization register for the same PDC course offering at the same time.
 * Please note discount formats cannot be combined. Only one discount format may be used per course.
Who Should Attend

Managers and Senior Leaders of HR, Line managers and Other Professionals who have the responsibility of Managing or have a role in the Performance Management Cycle of Employees​.

PDC Executive Development Centre
Workshop Dates 
26-27 December,  2017
Registration Start Date 
Registration End Date 
 Mr. Mohsin Nishat