Training of the Trainers
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Training of the Trainers
3 Days
9:00am - 5:00pm
Rs. 43,500/-
This is a very different type of training where the training will continue after the 3 days and come to real life by connecting the participants together in a single platform and brining them inside the professional arena through a professional project called ‘The Influence’. This training is designed to continue for one year through which new and old participants will be connected in a company like environment to not just establish themselves as professional trainers, but to establish themselves as professional training managers and run this as a profession with fiscal achievements and penetration inside the real training market. The project will enable them to not only gain new training skills, but to provide a literal platform for them to go professional and start making money, establish a health network of the alumni of this project and create a mega company of their own. ​
Discount Policy
§  Early birds: The Early Bird Disc​ount is available for first three participants who register themselves in next 03 days of newspaper advertisement.
§  Multiple-Course Discount: A 10% discount is applied to each course registration when one individual registers for two or more PDC courses at the same time.
§  Multiple-Attendee Discount: A 10% to 15% discount is available for each add-on attendee when multiple attendees from the same company or organization register for the same PDC course offering at the same time.
 * Please note discount formats cannot be combined. Only one discount format may be used per course.
Who Should Attend

  • Every person who wants to  become an entrepreneur or a real training professional. 
  • People with a flair of communication skills and a dream of becoming a professional trainer and especially professional teachers who can use this skill in their live environments. 
  • Professionals of the corporate who want to grow and become professionals of the training industry and gain massive advantage inside their jobs as well. 
  • This training will end with a strong network of all the participants who will act like a HUB under the trainer’s supervision and work like a real training company, so people with a dream of working in live professional training environments are encouraged to apply. 

PDC Executive Development Centre
Workshop Dates 
25-27 Sept,  2017
Registration Start Date 
Registration End Date