Training of the Trainers
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Course Contents

Day 1
  1. The big picture
  2. Personal SWOT
  3. Your own profile (running your personality assessment)
  4. Knowing your natural technique (exercise)
  5. Using your weaknesses to identify your technique of learning
  6. Profiling your audience 
  7. Where did we go wrong in the past 100 years in the training industry and why!
  8. The flair (Activity)
  9. Setting your personal compass 
Day 2 (Physiology and psychology for Training professionals)
  1. The science of learning 
  2. The human mind and its learning requirements
  3. The physiology and the learning mechanism
  4. The chemical engineering 
  5. Difference between teaching and training
  6. The Flair (Activity continued)
  7. Training as a profession
  8. Determining the statistical quotients of efficiency
  9. The chemical dashboard for a trainer
Day 3
  • The hygiene of training professional
  • The professional communication skill *For advanced trainers only
  • The influence (Exercise)
  • The training design 
  • The science of feedback 
  • Career management of a training professional
  • How to start your own training profession

Training Map

  • Kinesthetic: Audio/visual 3:1
  • Indoor: 50%
  • Outdoor: 20%
  • On job projects: 30%
  • Class room sessions/Activities/Final Project