Performance Management
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Course Contents

 Why Performance Management

  • A world without Performance
  • What is Performance and why Manage

“Performance Management is Killing Performance”

  • Is Performance Management Killing Performance
  • Why PM is not working?
  • What to do – Ideal Way of doing PM

Ideal Way of Performance Management

  • PM Cycle
  • Steps of an Ideal PM System
  • Role of HR, Line Management, Individual

Setting Expectations – The key step

How to set Expectations – Goal Setting

Measuring What Matters

Performance Evaluations

Role of Culture in Performance Management Systems 

Honest Conversations – Performance Dialogue 

Development of Course Learning Outcomes – Next Steps

Training Objectives

  • A common understanding on how performance management systems can be effectively utilized to raise the performance of individuals and teams
  • Enhance their skills in setting clear expectations and objectively measuring individual performance using objectives and competencies as key measures
  • dentify and practice some performance management strategies and techniques to enhance the performance and motivation in under-performing and high performing team members.
  • Learn how to use the outcomes of the Performance Management exercise or other HR interventions.

Benefits to Organization

  • Use of tools helping them ultimately improve [performance.
  • Better understanding of the tools and interventions to be used in improving the way this time consuming exercise is conducted.    
  • Understanding the errors and problems related performance management system and avoid them to do it ineffective manner.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Benefits to Individual

  • Develop skills and competencies to do the PM in the right way  
  • Add value to the Organization and individuals by helping them improve performance               
  • Manage the PMS by leading it from the inside out