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Internal Trainings
National university of Sciences and Technology believes that constant and relevant trainings of its employees allow the organization to reap benefits which are manifolds. Being an academic institution, the value adding training programs aimed especially for its Faculty are considered essential in adapting them to their changing roles from just a teacher to mentor and a facilitator. Research shows that an inspiring and competent faculty member is the most important factor in influencing students’ achievement. It is therefore critical that the faculty members are aware of best teaching practices and other techniques for creating best learning environment for their students.
PDC-NUST organizes training programs for NUST employees and faculty from time to time. These workshops range from orientation programs to professional and technical skills catering the on-job needs of faculty and staff at all levels. Overall the aim of such training programs is to align the goals of the organization to the employees through their personal development. This improves their work satisfaction while increasing their efficiency and performance of its employees. These training programs include a range of workshops, short and long term courses and conferences. These learning sessions are designed in such a way that it fosters the learning of new skills and knowledge with a blend of new technological advancements. These events are also considered as a platform for the employees/faculty where they can share their views with the senior management, increase their knowledge through effective peer learning and improve their relationships with their colleagues. The featured training programs are:
  1. Orientation training for Non-gazetted staff
  2. Orientation training for NUST new Faculty
  3. Methods of Instruction for NUST Faculty
  4. Research Methodology for NUST Faculty and Research personnel
  5. Administrative skills workshop for NUST Assistants and Supervisors
  6. Administrative skills workshop for NUST Clerks and UDCs
  7. Research Methodology for Editors and Authors
  8. Good Governance and Strategic Planning for Principals and Directors