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Project Management Professional (PMP)
A five days preparatory workshop for Project Management Professional Certification Exam from 20-24th January 2014 at PDC CIE Building, H-12 Campus. The session began with a welcome address by principal NILE, followed by a brief history of project management and its applications by resource person Mr. Kamran Khalid of NBS. This was followed by the discussion of various projects and programs to provide the audience with a better idea of how to assess a project. Later on in the session, a video case study was analyzed and portfolio building was discussed. After covering the basics, the participants were briefed about the difference between operations and projects. It was explained that projects are those endeavors which have a definite beginning and end while an organization’s ongoing activities are considered to be operations.  The workshop continued into another lap of video case study; leading to identification of stakeholders, sponsors, buy-in and project feasibility metrics.
 On second day the workshop began with discussions on project and product life cycle leading to a discussion on project integration management. Configuration Management, Documentation and Versioning and Scope Management were also discussed side by side with a quiz and another video case study session.
 Day three started with debriefing on the importance of Time Management & Scheduling, Planning & Monitoring, Financial & Cost management, Human Resource Management and Communications Management.  Remainder of the day consisted of AON practice exercises and QUIZ sessions.
Fourth day of the workshop concentrated on the Quality side of the project management and consisted of discussion sessions on Quality Management, Tools of Quality, Quality Exercises, Risk Management and Tools for Risk Assessment. The session also included a video case study and a quiz session. 
The final day of the workshop commenced with the discussion on Contract Management and the legal implications which a project manager must keep in mind and abide by. The participants were given effective tips for the topics that had been discussed in the workshop sessions and a comprehensive and final quiz session was conducted. At the end of the workshop, code of conduct of Project Management Professional certification exam day, along with tips and tricks were discussed and the workshop concluded with the awarding of certificates to the participants.